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Blood Drink In Transfusion Bag A fangtastic energy drink for Halloween

Looking for the perfect accessory for your bloodcurdling Halloween costume? Then how about this realistic looking Blood Drink Bag.

This gruesomely amusing, resealable transfusion-style bag, is perfect for Halloween - you can just imagine the horror on everyone's faces when you empty the contents down your throat! The blood bag can contain up to 350ml of the beverage of your choice and has a rope clip for easy hanging, so you can do it hands free.

Although it looks like it contains the iron, protein, electrolytes, enzymes and energy to satisfy even the most extreme bloodlust for up to 4 hours, it sadly can't make you immortal!

Great for vampires and mortals alike as it's guaranteed garlic free.

Price £3.28 each with free delivery. more

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Blood Transfusion Drip Drink For Fancy Dress
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