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Book Day Fancy Dress Costumes For Children
Book Day Fancy Dress Costumes
World Book Day has been running since 1997 and is a celebration of reading. It takes place on the 1st March and allows children of all ages from all over the world, to come together to appreciate reading.

Many schools choose to celebrate the day by allowing the children (and the teachers) to dress up as a famous character from a book which is great fun and helps to bring books to life.

There's a fabulous range of Book Day fancy dress costumes available. From Harry Potter to Horrid Henry, Disney Princesses to Sherlock Holmes. There's something for everyone.

Those who don't want to be a certain character can be Roman soldiers, Victorian urchins, cowboys or nurses - they'll be in some book somewhere!

Featured costumes

Hunger Games CostumeA Hunger Games outfit to die for

The districts are being destroyed, District 13 is thriving underground and it is time to bring down President Snow and the Capitol with the Adult Hunger Games Katniss Rebel Costume. It is time to become the Girl on Fire. Ideal for any film themed or book themed event, this officially licensed costume is available in four sizes (S, M, L and XL) and includes a long sleeved, lycra effect high neck top that has armour over the chest and arms. This is followed on through to the trousers with armoured pads on the knees and shins. At the games, it is all about 'survival of the fittest', and there aren't many costumes out there that can make you look as fit as this one! more

Elsa Costume From FrozenAn Elsa costume perfect for a little princess

Any fans of the blockbusting Disney film, Frozen will love this gorgeous Elsa costume. Elegantly desiged, the beautiful dress is crafted in a shiny turquoise material with a shimmering snowflake detail all over and a silver trim. The arms are made in a sheer material and there's a bodice decoration with a portrait of Elsa. The outfit is completed with a glamorous cape. This is a deluxe costume and comes in three different sizes - small (fits age 3-4 years), medium (5-6 years) and large (age 7-8 years). Ideal for any little princess who loves to play dress up. Price £17.99 more

Mad Hatter CostumeEmbrace the mad, mad, mad, mad world in a Mad Hatter costume

Wacky, fun and instantly recognizable, the Mad Hatter fancy dress costume is ideal for anyone off to a tea party or, indeed, any other party. This Alice in Wonderland outfit is also perfect for book day, film themed do's or just general dress up events. It includes a pair of brown stripey trousers and a brown jacket with an attached blue waistcoat and multicoloured bow tie. Also included is a green top hat with pink band, price tag and attached orange curly hair. Available in two sizes - standard (chest size 38" - 42) and large (chest size 42" - 46"). more

Gruffalo Costume  Fancy Dress Costumes For Book Day"What's a gruffalo! Why, didn't you know? He has terrible tusks, and terrible claws, and terrible teeth in his terrible jaws."

Here's a fab fancy dress idea perfect for Book Day - a Gruffalo Fancy Dress Outfit based on the character from Julia Donaldson's classic best selling book "The Gruffalo". Fans of the Gruffalo will love pretending to be the fearsome monster-like hybrid that's half grizzly bear and half buffalo, and this official costume will let them get right into character. The one size costume (fits 3-5 years) includes a soft brown jumpsuit with a velcro fastening down the front and purple prickles all over the back. The elasticated cuffs and ankles help to ensure the costume fits neatly. Also included are a pair of attached paws, attached feet covers with claws and a stuffed gruffalo hood with hair, horns, orange eyes and a black tongue. It costs just £23.99 online and is ideal for any party, dressing up box or Book Day event. Just be careful you don't run into any tough mice out there though! more

Child's Wolf  Fancy Dress CostumeWho's afraid of the big bad wolf?

Who's afraid of the big, bad wolf? Well, on this occasion, not me, because although the villain of many a fairytale, this child sized wolf costume is just so cute. The wolf has a special place in many a childrens' storybook and this could be the perfect outfit for Book Day for any child with a penchant for playing the baddie. It comprises of a one piece suit made in grey and white faux fur with a zip front. It has a hood with attached wolf head and a long tail and is a one size costume designed to fit children aged between 7-9 years. Price £17.49. more

Miss Havisham Costume What the Dickens! A Miss Havisham costume ideal for Book Day!

We had Great Expectations for this fancy dress costume . . . and it didn't disappoint! So pip everyone at the post, get meddling and become one of the most famous characters in literature with the Charles Dickens-inspired Miss Havisham outfit. Ideal for World Book Day or for a TV/ movie theme event, it includes an aged looking cream and grey wedding dress, a bodice and veil and is available in three sizes, medium (size 12), large (14) and extra large (16). Online price for this outfit is £30.49. more

Ae Fancy Dress CostumeTweedledee (or Tweedledum) Fancy Dress Costume

If you're looking for a great Book Day outfit for an adult (or two adults), then why not become Tweedledee and / or Tweedledum, from Lewis Carroll's Alice In Wonderland. These much loved, mischievous twins from the world of wonderland are captured perfectly with this eye-catching costume which includes an all-in-one jumpsuit available in standard and extra large sizes. The jumpsuit has red trousers, a yellow top and an attached bow tie. It features a hooped bellow to create the Tweedle shape and velcro fastening at the back which makes it easy to put on and take off. Also included is a schoolboy cap with attached orange hair and a green flag to top it off. Great on it's own but if you want to have a battle, persuade a friend to join you to become the twins . . . just watch out for the monstrous crows! more

Mary Poppins Fancy Dress Costume For Book DayA supercalifragilisticexpialidocious fancy dress costume for girls for Book Day

This wonderful Mary Poppins costume for girls is practically perfect in every way - in fact you could say it's supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Ideal for Book Day, dressing up boxes or fancy dress parties, it's a fantastic recreation of the outfit worn by Julie Andrews in the 1964 Disney film and will transform your little girl into the well loved magical nanny. It comprises of a mid-blue dress in the iconic, formal Edwardian style and a black hat with flowers attached. The dress has buttons on the front, bunched fabric at the shoulders and a white shirt-effect detail with frilly collar and attached red bow tie. The outfit is available in three different sizes - small (age 3-4 years), medium (age 5-7 years) and large (8 - 10). She'll be dishing out spoonfuls of sugar, flying kites and feeding the birds up in the chimney pots in no time. more

Kids Willie Wonka Fancy Dress CostumeKids Willy Wonka Fancy Dress Costume

Everybody loves Roald Dahl's, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory and this Child Willy Wonka Costume perfectly captures the style of Johnny Depp's character. Included is a long burgudy coloured jacket with wide lapels and pocket detail. Attached to the jacket is a black vest with silver chain. Also included is Willy Wonka's trademark top hat which is black with a purple band. Available in three sizes small (age 4-6 years), medium (age 8-10 years) and large (age 12-14 years), it's currently on sale online for just £18.49 and would be ideal as a fancy dress outfit for World Book Day. more

Wizard Of Oz Scarecrow Fancy Dress Costume For Book Day Scarecrow from the Wizard Of Oz - a great fancy dress costume for boys for Book Day

Oh, if I only had a brain, I would definitely buy a well known, lovable character fancy dress costume for Book Day! In fact, this Scarecrow fancy dress costume from the Wizard of Oz, could be ideal. Available in three sizes - small (age 3-4 years), medium (age 5-7 years) and large (8 - 10), the costume comprises of a hat, headpiece, shirt and trousers. The outfit is £27.99 online with the straw kit to complete the look available separately for £7.49. An ideal outfit for Book Day, the Oz books were created in 1900 by American author L. Frank Baum and were immortalized in the classic 1939 film "Wizard Of Oz" starring Judy Garland. And if you're needing outfits for boy / girl twins, then you could team it up with the Dorothy costume below. more

Dorothy Fancy Dress Costume For Book DayDorothy from the Wizard Of Oz - a great fancy dress costume for girls for Book Day

If you're off to see the wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz, this Book Day, then you'll love this official Dorothy fancy dress costume. Feminine and iconic, this costume is perfect as 'The Wonderful Wizard of Oz' began life in 1900 as a childrens novel before the film version came out in 1939. The outfit is available in three sizes - small (age 3-4 years), medium (age 5-7 years) and large (8 - 10), and comprises of an all-in-one blue and white checked gingham dress with white under top. The top has short sleeves which are slightly puffed and features a line of gingham trim around the arm and neck line. The apron style front to the dress has gingham straps and button detailing. Also included is a pretty blue hair bow. To complete the look you could add a Toto in a basket, white ankle socks and sparkly red shoes. Just watch out for that Wicked Witch from the West. more

Pinocchio Fancy Dress CostumeWant to be a real boy? Then here's the perfect costume

Got an event planned on Pleasure Island? Looking for the perfect costume? Then here's a great idea for any real boy. Based on the much-loved story-book puppet, the Pinocchio Costume includes a bright yellow top with attached white collar and large blue bow tie as well as a pair of red short dungarees with button detail and an elasticated waist for a perfect fit. Also included are a pair of white gloves and an alpine style hat with attached red feather and black hair trim. There's even a long rubber nose with wood grain detail attached to an elastic band. This costume comes in two sizes - standard and extra large and costs just £29.99 online. And remember, a boy who won't be good might just as well be made of wood! more

Kids Superman Costume Super value Superman costume for kids

There's some great bargains on offer in the January sale at Joke and if you'll be needing to buy a fancy dress costume in the near future anyway, a little forward planning could save you a packet. There's plenty to choose from including this child Superman muscle costume which has been reduced in price from £21.99 to just £10.95. It includes a blue and burgundy muscle chest jumpsuit with a long burgundy cape. There's also a moulded belt and fabric boot tops which are attached to this cleverly designed jumpsuit. This great quality outfit would be perfect for any little boy who wants to transform himself from Clark Kent to a superhero. It comes in three different sizes - small (aged 3-4 years), medium (aged 5-8 years and large (aged 9 - 12 years). more

Wizard Wanda Fancy Dress CostumeAn enchanting fancy dress costume at a magic price

As school uniforms go, the Wizard schoolgirl fancy dress costume has to be one of the sexiest there is and as a fancy dress costume, it's so versatile as it would be great for Halloween, a back to school party or a movie themed night. This Hogwarts inspired outfit is available in two sizes (S: 8-10, M: 12-14 and L 14-16) and comprises of a top, skirt, hat, tie, wand and badge. The sleeveless top is fitted and has a low cut V neckline, 'Wizard School' badge and yellow and burgundy trim features. The burgundy pleated skirt has yellow detailing. Also included is a contrasting white stand-up collar which has a matching yellow and burgundy tie attached. The look is completed with a wooden wand. Price £24.99.

Mary Poppins Fancy Dress CostumeThe magical nanny fancy dress costume is practically perfect in every way

If you're looking for a Supercallifragilisticexpialidocious fancy dress outfit, then you'll love this Magical Nanny outfit that's practically perfect in every way. Instantly recognisable, the costume comprises of a blue jacket outfit with buttoned front and trimmed with lace to create a fantastic Edwardian look. There's also a matching skirt, a hat with pink and white flowers and collar piece with red bow and lace trim. The finishing touch es the fabulous parrot shaped umbrella cover designed to fit over your own umbrella handle. You just need to find a chimney sweep with an appalling cockney accent and the job is done! Even if you don't like dressing up this costume is the little bit of sugar that will help the medicine go down! Perfect for book theme or Disney fancy dress parties, this costume is available in four sizes (10, 12, 14 and 16) and costs £38.99 online. more

Kids Oompa Loompa CostumeChoosing an Oompa Loompa fancy dress costume is not a puzzle for anyone

Book Day is just around the corner and if you're looking for a great costume idea, then get some inspiration from the all time classic by Roald Dahl, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. As kids are the perfect height to carry it off, this Childrens Oompa Loompa Fancy Dress Costume would be a great choice! It includes a pair of white dungarees with feature buttons, a long-sleeved brown top with brown and white stripes around the neckline and the cuffs, a pair of brown and white striped leg pieces and a green character wig. You'll just need to get some orange coloured face paint to complete the look - and some make up remover to return to normal :) It comes in three different sizes - small (aged 4 - 6 years), medium (aged 7 - 9 years and large (aged 10 - 12 years) and is available online for just £17.99. more

Sherlock Holmes Fancy Dress Costume For KidsElementary my dear Watson - it's a child sized Sherlock Holmes costume!

Thanks to the recent Sherlock Holmes movies starring Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law, Arthur Conan Doyle's famous character has a whole new legion of fans, making it a great costume idea for Book Day. And if your son is the master of disguise just like Sherlock Holmes, he'll love this Sherlock Holmes fancy dress costume. He can hunt down the Hound of the Baskervilles, destroy Moriarty, look out for his sidekick Dr Watson and generally make the world a better place - a Victorian super hero! The costume comprises of a trouser and caped jacket combo in matching material topped off with the classic Sherlock Holmes deerstalker hat. Available in three sizes, small (age 3-5 years / 116cm tall), medium (age 6-8 years / 140cm tall) and large (age 9-10 years /164cm tall). It is available online for £31.99 more

Wheres Wally MorphsuitStay hidden in a Where's Wally second skin suit

Just when you thought you'd seen it all, along comes the Second Skin Where's Wally Fancy Dress Costume. Just like Wally you'll remain hidden in this head to toe stretchy lycra body suit as you can see out but others cannot see in. The costume is printed in the distinctive Where's Wally colours - blue trousers, a stripy red and white jumper and there's even a pair of glasses and a red and white bobble hat to complete the look. This costume has been particularly well thought out as the designers have listened to feedback and made a number of improvements to the outfit. For instance there's a bumbag included. It matches the trousers and is perfect for carrying your mobile, cash and keys. This costume also features a concealed fly for easy toilet breaks and there's a handy opening under the chin to allow you to drink something other than water. One size fits most adults and it costs £34.99 online. more

Smurf Fancy Dress Costume For Babies Create your very own little Baby Smurf

If you're looking for a comfortable, cute and good value fancy dress costume for your baby, then here's a great little outfit that he can happily smurf about in. This Smurf™ costume for babies consists of a jumpsuit and a hat. The jumpsuit is blue at the top and white at the bottom and has nonslips soles to allow baby to smurf around safely. It has press studs at the crotch for easy nappy access and a Papa Smurf motif print on the leg. The signature hat has a rope to keep it fixed on your child's head. The Smurfs feature in comics and books (as well as TV and films) and are a group of small blue fictional creatures called Smurfs, living in a happy little community and enjoying fun adventures. So this outfit would be perfect for a book day or themed fancy dress party. This one size costume is designed to fit most babies between approximately 6-12 months and costs just £5.99 online (RRP £14.99). more

Brave Heroine Costume Merida Fancy Dress CostumesYou don't have to be Brave to wear this Merida fancy dress costume

Little girls love playing dress up and here's a costume that is not just fabulous but it's right up to date too. This outfit is from the hit Disney Pixar film of 2012, "Brave" which is set in the Scottish Highlands and features Merida, a feisty and independantly minded Disney heroine (no prince required here) who defies an age-old custom, causing chaos in her kingdom. It's an officially licensed deluxe Disney costume which includes a long blue and gold dress and a coordinating headband. If you're not lucky enough to have her beautiful red hair, there's a Merida wig available separately. The outfit comes in three sizes - small (age 3 to 4 years), medium (age 5 to 6 years) and large (age 7 to 9 years) and costs just £22.99 online. Perfect for any party, dressing up box or Book Day event. more

Bargain fancy dress costumes for tweens and teens

Discount Price Fancy Dress Costumes For TeenagersLooking for a bargain fancy dress costume for a teenage girl? Here at Fancy Dress Clothes HQ we've found three fantastic costumes that are remarkably easy on the pocket. First up is the Tween Official Dorothy Costume which includes a blue and white checked dress with an integrated white top and two red hair bows. It comes in two sizes - small (age 10-11) and medium (11-12). It's been reduced from £53.99 to just £19.99. The Teen 2 Piece Party Hostess Costume includes a shimmering green and black dress featuring gold buttons and black satin bows and a Mad Hatter mini tea cup hat. Available in dress size 4-6, it has been reduced from £41.99 to just £4.99. and cost £38.99. The Teen Daisy Bug Costume is also size 4-6. It comprises of a red and black ladybird dress featuring a daisy applique, a headpiece and a pair of coordinating wings. It's been reduced from £39.99 to just £2.99! But hurry! At prices like these, they'll not hang about long! more

Evil Maleficent Fancy Dress CostumeBe magnificently evil in this Maleficant fancy dress costume

Never scorn a woman. Never forget to invite her to an event. And never, never tell her she wasn't wanted when she does turn up unexpectedly. Don't believe me? Well just remember the havoc wreaked by evil Maleficent after she gatecrashed Sleeping Beauty's christening. If you're less sugar and more spice, then you'll enjoy playing the ultimate in all of the Disney baddies in this magnificent, malevolent Maleficant Fancy Dress Costume. The outfit comprises of a black gown trimmed in purple with an attached stand-up collar. Also included is Maleficent's distinctive devil horned headpiece which fastens under the chin. This officially licensed Disney product is available in three sizes - small (8-10), medium (12-14) and large (16-18) and costs £53.99 online. Just add green makeup to transform yourself into the sinister anatagonist with the gothic fashion sense from the classic Disney movie, Sleeping Beauty. more

Reversible Disney Princesses Fancy Dress Costumes Snow White / Cinderella reversible Disney Princess fancy dress costume

Little girls love playing dress up and what better costume can you get than this Reversible Disney Princesses Fancy Dress Costume, which will let her choose between the ballgown of Cinderella and the classic Disney Snow White dress. The outfit includes a reversible dress with Snow White's red, blue and yellow satin-look gown on one side and Cinderella's blue and silver ballgown on the reverse. Both options are printed with a picture of the relevant Disney princess on the front. Also included is a gold crown adorned with faux gems. It comes in three sizes - small (age 3 to 4 years), medium (age 5 to 6 years) and large (age 7 to 8 years) and is available online for just £25.49. more

Mister Men Fancy Dress Costume Mr Bump fancy Dress Costume for one of your little Mr Men

Is your child a little bit accident prone? Then here's the perfect fancy dress outfit for him - a Mr Bump Fancy Dress Costume. Mr. Bump is the unlucky character from Roger Hargreaves famous Mr. Men books, who is always having accidents. Mr Bump is easily recognisable making this costume a favourite for kids as they'll all have read the books. The outfit includes a blue and white tabard with bandages and a worried face printed on the front. It even has attached waving arms, as if he is about to fall over. Also included with is a pair of matching blue trousers. Mr Bump would make an ideal Book Day Fancy Dress Costume. It is available in one size (age 2-4) and can be bought online for just £10.99! more

Book Day fancy dress costumes from Lazy Town

Lazy Town Fancy Dress Costumes For Book DayPromote Book Day AND healthy living with these fabulous Lazy Town Fancy Dress Costumes. For boys, there are two Lazy town characters to choose from - ideal for twin boys or best friends. They can choose to be super healthy hero Sportacus or go to the dark side and be junk food eating, exercise hating Robbie Rotten. The Kids Sportacus Costume includes a pair of blue trousers, a matching top with '10' printed on the front, a pair of arm cuffs and a hat with attached fake goggles. Price £24.49. The Robbie Rotten Costume includes a purple, maroon and white striped jumpsuit and a fabulous rubber top wig with forehead, eyebrows and rubber hair. Price £22.99. And for girls the Child Stephanie Lazy Town Costume includes a pink and purple striped dress, a pink bag and a pair of pink leg warmers. Price £16.99. The pink wig with headband is available separately for £6.99. All three costumes are available in three sizes (age 3-4, age 4-6 and age7-9) and would be a great trio of costumes for friends / siblings or brilliant outfits on their own too. more

Search and find some Where's Wally fancy dress costumes for Book Day?
Kids Wheres Wally Fancy Dress Costumes For Book Day
World Book Day is on the March but don't strain your eyes looking for costumes because we've found you these Boy / Girl Where's Wally Outfits from the much loved search and find Where's Wally books which will be just perfect. The outfits are available as a pair which would be perfect for twins (£5 saving when bought together) - or available separately. The Child Where's Wally Costume includes a long sleeved, red and white stripey top, blue trousers with an elasticated waist band for a comfortable fit, a matching bobble hat and a pair of black glasses with round frames. The Where's Wally Girl Costume is based on Wilma, Wally's girlfriend and twin sister of Wenda. It includes a long sleeved red and white stripey top, blue skirt with double hem stitching and a half-elasticated waist band, a matching pair of red and white striped tights, a bobble hat and the finishing touch is a pair of black glasses with round frames. more

Book Day fancy dress costumes for kids

Book Day Fancy Dress Costumes Looking for Book Day Costumes that will allow your kids to transform themselves into a character they love? Look no further as we have a great selection of Childrens Book Day Costumes. For boys, there's a massive choice - from Harry Potter to fearsome pirates, from Where's Wally to dashing knights, but here at Fancy Dress Clothes, we have a bit of a soft spot for this Horrid Henry Fancy Dress Costume. This fantastic outfit is perfect for a mischievous little boy and includes a pair of blue trousers, a long-sleeved blue and yellow top with the Horrid Henry logo printed on the front and a Horrid Henry mask with a mischievous grin on its face. This costume is available in two different sizes - medium (age 5-6) and large (age 7-8) and costs £19.99 online. For the ultimate in book themed costumes - the Very Hungry Caterpillar Fancy Dress Costume is a unisex outfit which has been designed to capture the look of the caterpillar perfectly. The costume comprises of a stripey green bodysuit with a picture of the Hungry Caterpillar printed on the front and brown 'legs' down the sides of the outfit and a red hood with a velcro fastening around the chin, purple antennae at the top, along with colourful eyes and a blue nose. This costume is available in two different sizes - toddler (age 2-3) and small (age 3-4) and costs £17.99 online. more

Childs Captain Cook Fancy Dress CostumeGet your hooks into a kids Captain Hook fancy dress costume

If you know a little boy who fancies himself as a bit of a baddy and who would enjoy being the object of all the hisses at a pantomime, then he'll love getting to dress up as the archetypal Disney baddie from Peter Pan - the notorious Captain Hook. The officially licensed Child Contemporary Toons Captain Hook Costume includes a long purple jacket, a matching purple waistcoat (with yellow stripes, metallic button detailing and a printed black belt), a pair of trousers and a coordinating white cravat. The pirate costume is completed with a purple hat and a plastic pirate's hook. This Captain Hook Fancy Dress Costume is available in two sizes (age 7-9 and 10-12) and is £18.99 online. He'll just love running around shouting - "I'll get you for this, Pan, if it's the last thing I do!" Just watch out for the crocodile!! more

Could these be the cutest baby and toddler fancy dress costumes?

Toddlers Fancy Dress CostumeAre you looking for the cutest baby / toddler fancy dress costumes? If so check out this pair of outfits. Transform your little girl into an utterly irresistible fairy in this Baby Fairy Fancy Dress Costume! This one size costume is both practical and charming, costs £20 online and is designed to fit toddlers from 3 - 18 months (Height 64-86cm Weight 6-12kg) The costume comprises of a soft frothy fairy skirt in pink and lilac shimmer nets with quilted butterfly shaped wings with satin ruched elastic strips. Also included in this three part set is a gorgeous headband. Or why not turn your little boy into a pint size superhero in a Baby Superman Fancy Dress Costume. This one size costume (suitable for toddlers aged 1 - 2 years) includes a Superman costume jumpsuit and cape and is available for just £20 online. They'll have hours of fun in their outfits - helping them to develop their creative role playing skills. more

Child Catcher Fancy Dress Costume From Chitty Chitty Bang BangThere are children here. I can smell them!

"Come and get your lollipops. Ice cream, chocolate . . . all free today. Children where are you. I know you're here somewhere".
Who could forget the evil Child Catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - truly the stuff of nightmares. Now you can scare a brand new generation of kiddiewinkies in this fabulous Childcatcher Fancy Dress Costume. The outfit includes a long black jacket with lace around the cuffs, a pair of black trousers (with an elasticated waistband for comfort and a great fit) and a black top hat with attached black hair. The Adult Kid Catcher will make a brilliant choice for a creepy costume this Halloween. It is available in two sizes (standard /chest size to 42" and extra large / chest size to 46") and is on sale online for £39.49! The upturned, child finding nose isn't included but don't worry if your hooter isn't long enough as this professional looking Long Latex Nose is available separately for £9.99. Don't forget your lollipops! A great, scary costume for adults on Childrens Book Day more

Child Vampire Fancy Dress CostumeKids Transylvanian Vampire fancy dress costume

Twilight has a lot to answer for. Boys now all want to be vampires - dark, mysterious and irresistible to girls . . . well maybe not the last one! This Transylvanian Vampire Fancy Dress Costume For Boys is a cut above the rest and will transform any little boy into a super cool Little Vampire. Ideal for Halloween and for film theme parties, the outfit includes a long black and red cape with a stand-up collar, a red and black patterned waistcoat with an integrated white shirt, a pair of black trousers and a medallion. This outfit costs £22.99 online and is available in three sizes - small (age 3-4), medium (age 5-6) and large (7-8 years). And, for a limited time, you'll get FREE Vampire fangs with this costume (simply add the costume to your basket and your vampire fangs will be added automatically.) more

Inflatable Horse And Jockey Fancy Dress Costume For Children Saddle up and hit the rodeo, cowboy

Hey kids! Forget sheet ghosts, supermarket witch costumes and comedy wigs. If you really want to steal the show at a fancy dress party, Cowboy is the way to go. The Childrens Inflatable Horse and Cowboy Fancy Dress Costume looks fantastic and is guaranteed to get a laugh! This extremely comfortable nylon outfit comes complete with cowboy hat for extra authenticity. Simply step inside the costume and zip up. Your legs become the horse back legs with the riders legs being part of the inflatable costume. Once inside the costume, simply click your battery belt clip to turn on the fan and it will inflate in seconds. You'll be galloping round the room shouting "whoa pard'ner" in no time. Available in one size (suitable for kids age 8-12), the inflatable horse and cowboy costume is available online for just £24.99. It adds a whole new dimension to the old cowboy adage "Don't squat with your spurs on!" more

Kids Captain America Fancy Dress CostumeTurn your child from wimp to superhero in a Kids Captain America Fancy Dress Costume

In the best tradition of Marvel superheroes, an experimental serum has yet again created a hero. And this time he's the ultimate in all American super heroes - Captain America. Over the years, Captain America has featured in several films and television series, but his latest greatest appearance is in the 2011 film Captain America: The First Avenger which opens in UK cinemas tomorrow (July 29th 2011). It's been taking the US by storm, even beating Harry Potter at the box office last week. And now, thanks to this Childrens Captain America Fancy Dress Costume, your little boy can also transform himself into this years in-vogue masked crusader. This one piece costume comprises of a jumpsuit that zips up at the back with a muscle chest and arms built in. The hood simply slips over your head and velcros at the back. The shield is not included but is available separately. It comes in two sizes - small (age 3-5) and medium (age 8-9) and is available online for just £23.49. more

Close your eyes and tap your heels together three times

Wizard Of Oz Fancy Dress Costume For KidsGive your kids the opportunity to fly over that rainbow, walk down the yellow brick road and visit Oz in these fabulous Wizard of Oz Fancy Dress Costumes for kids. Each of these costumes are available in three different sizes - small (age 3-4), medium (5-7 years) and large (age 8-10) and would be ideal for a family or a group of friends. First up, what little girl would turn down the chance to be Dorothy herself in this Deluxe Kids Dorothy Costume. Available online for £25.49, the outfit comprises of a combined blouse and short gingham dress with lace finishing and a pretty foam hair bow. The Tin Man costume includes a one-piece silver burnished jumpsuit featuring an attached foam bow tie, stand-up collar and foam chest piece with printed buttons. Also included is a silver burnished headpiece with a foam funnel top. This costume costs £21.49 online. For those who want to transform themselves into the loveable scarecrow, the Kids Scarecrow Fancy Dress Outfit costs £21.49 and comprises of a hat, a headpiece, shirt and trousers. Simply add some straw to complete the look. And finally, for someone in need of a little courage, the Cowardly Lion Fancy Dress Outfit For Kids is available online for £23.99 and comprises of a jumpsuit with tail plus plush headpiece and attached collar. more

Child Clone Ranger Fancy Dress  CostumeBecome an intergalactic fighting machine in a deluxe Clone Wars fancy dress costume for kids

This child sized Deluxe Clone Wars Stormtrooper Fancy Dress Costume will transport your child through galaxies and intergalactic wars to become the Star Wars fighting machine he always dreamed he would be. Available in three sizes (for age ranges 3 - 10 years), this Return Of The Sith costume comprises of a body jumpsuit with realistic 3D EVA plastic moulded body pieces, matching belt and a face mask / helmet. Team it up with a space gun and he will truly be a force to be reckoned with! This superior quality fancy dress costume costs £34.49 online more

Boys and girls come out to play in their Halloween fancy dress costumes
Halloween Fancy Dress Costumes For Kids
If your little monsters are off to a Halloween party, they've a good chance in carrying off top prizes in these fabulous costumes. These Halloween theme fancy dress outfits are perfect for kids wanting to go trick or treating on October 31st as both can be worn on top of warmer clothing underneath. The Boys Pirate Reaper Fancy Dress Costume includes a jacket with attached moulded skeleton shirt, brocade detail to collar and cuffs and skeleton vinyl mask. And it even comes with a free sword while promotional stocks last. Available for £17.99, this comes in two different sizes for boys aged between 5 -10. For the girls, the glamorous Gothic Vampiress Fancy Dress Outfit will really give her something to get her teeth into! The dress is made of plum purple velvet fabric and has a shredded overlay of black spider web lace fabric. The stand up collar has foam inside it to give it body. This costume comes in three sizes suitable for ages 3 -12 years and costs £19.00. more

Where's Wally Fancy Dress ClothesSearch no more for a Where's Wally fancy dress costume

Where's Wally? . . . . Here he is!! If you don't want your fancy dress costume to stand out in a crowd then perhaps this Where's Wally Fancy Dress Outfit will be just what you need. Based on the highly successful series of British children's books by Martin Hanford, this officially licensed costume includes Wally's distinctive red-and-white striped long sleeved shirt, a bobble hat with a pom pom on top and a coordinating pair of blue trousers. Team up with a pair of nerdy glasses and a walking cane for maximum effect. This one size costume (for chest size 38" to 40") will be perfect for blending in around red and white striped curtains - just watch out for your arch nemesis Odlaw! This costume is available online for £24.99 more

Cowboy Fancy Dress Costumes Howdy partner - cowboy fancy dress costumes perfect for a barn dance

If your little critters are off to a hoedown in a barn, don't get your spurs tangled up fretting about their bib and tucker. These cowboy theme fancy dress outfits will be perfect for kids wanting to ride the range. The Boys Cowboy Fancy Dress Costume includes a pair of cowhide print chaps, a brown waistcoat with gold detailing, a red bandana and a brown cowboy hat. Available for £13.99, this comes in three different sizes for boys aged between 3 -10. For the girls, this pretty in pink Rodeo Girl Fancy Dress Outfit includes a skirt, waistcoat, scarf, hat, fabric cuffs and a pretty pink holster. This costume comes in three sizes suitable for ages 4 -12 years and costs £13.50. Yeehaw!! more

Snow White and Alice In Wonderland Disney Princess fancy dress costumes

Disney Princess Fancy Dress CostumesAll little girls love to dress up and dream of becoming a princess. The Disney collection allows them to become whoever they choose to be from their favourite films. The Girls Alice In Wonderland Fancy Dress Costume includes a deluxe blue satin dress with an attached apron, a central character print and an attached rabbit and a black headband with bow. This costume costs £21.99 and is available in three sizes ranging from age 3 to age 8. If your little girl dreams of being the original Disney Princess then she will love dressing up in this Child Disney Deluxe Snow White Costume. This outfit includes a yellow, red and blue dress with puff sleeves and a central character badge. Also included with the Disney costume is a matching red headband with bow. It too is available in three different sizes ranging from age 3-8 and costs £14.99. more For more Disney Princess fancy dress costumes click here

Batman And Robin Fancy Dress Costumes For Babies And ToddlersBaby Batman and Robin fancy dress costumes

Aaww!! These mini sized fancy dress outfits are so cute and just perfect for twins or for little pals off to their first fancy dress party. The Batman Fancy Dress Costume comprises of a romper suit with batman logo and utility belt detailing and underleg snap closure. The costume is completed with headpiece and removable cape. The Robin Fancy Dress Clothes includes a romper suit with R logo and utility belt detailing and underleg snap closure. The costume is completed with headpiece and removable cape. Each costume comes in two sizes - age 0 to 6 months and age 6 to 12 months and costs £17.99. The perfect outfits to wow everyone in Gotham City or any other city for that matter. more

World Book Day Fancy Dress Clothes Cahrm School Witch Fancy Dress Costume Prince Caspian Fancy Dress CostumeKids fancy dress costumes for Book Day

It's World Book Day on March the 4th and many schools are getting into the spirit of it by dressing up to celebrate. Choose your favourite character from a book you love and be him / her for the day. For girls, how about the Charm School Witch Fancy Dress Costume. This young lady is a magical graduate from a charm school, so her costume is adorned with sweet charms. The jacket is decorated with charms, as is the hat and shoe covers. Also included are a shirt front, a skirt and a pair of stockings. Available for ages 3-12 (three sizes), this costume is just £20. If The Chronicles of Narnia is your little boys favourite book, he'll love this Prince Caspian Costume which includes an intricate top, a pair of trousers with attached boot covers and it even includes the all important sword. It is available in three sizes (for ages 3- 8) for £25.10.

Shrek Fancy Dress Clothes For ChildrenThe greatest fairytale never told - Shrek fancy dress clothes for kids

We all love Shrek, the grumpy yet likeable ogre who, to regain his swamp, travels along with an annoying donkey to rescue a princess from a dragon and deliver her to the scheming Lord, who wishes to marry her in order to be King. Now the kids can make believe too in these officially licensed Dreamworks Shrek costumes. For the boys, the Deluxe Shrek Fancy Dress Costume costs £30 and comprises of a mask (covering the front part of the head and held in place with elastic), a jumpsuit with attached waistcoat, waist sash, checked trousers and shoe covers. The Princess Fiona Fancy Dress Costume For Girls includes a long purple dress with silver edging that fastens at the back of the neck with a button. Also included is a green headpiece with a mini gold plastic crown. It is available online for £20. more

Arabian Princess Fancy Dress Clothes For GirlsArabian Princess fancy dress costume for girls

Your little girl will become an exotic Eastern Princess in this Arabian Nights Princess Fancy Dress Costume for girls. This fancy dress costume includes a pair of blue trousers with gold detailing, a matching top and a headpiece with veil. It is available in three sizes, small (age 3-5 years /110cm tall), medium (age 6-8 years /130cm tall) and large (age 9-12 years /150cm tall) it is on sale online for £14.99 from Jokers Masquerade more

Winnie The Pooh Fancy Dress CostumeWinnie The Pooh Fancy Dress Costume

"I'm so rumbly in my tumbly, time for something sweet!" . . . and you can't get much sweeter than this cute Winnie the Pooh fancy dress costume for children. So if you're planning a trip to the Hundred Acre Wood for an extra special teddy bears picnic, this could be the perfect fancy dress costume for your little one. It consists of a red and yellow jumpsuit with a Winnie the Pooh character print on the front. Also included with the licensed Disney costume is a detachable padded Winnie the Pooh headpiece. Available in two sizes, 12-24 months and 2-3yrs, these suits cost £18.99 online. more

Reversible Cinderella Fancy Dress CostumeCinderella rags to riches fancy dress costume

Gone are the days when fancy dress meant raiding the wardrobes and being creative. Nowadays the hard work is done for you but we have found an adorable costume that will let little girls use their imaginations and play the two roles of Cinderella. This is a rags to riches reversible Cinderella costume (the riches side in blue satin with character fob, the rags side in satin with lace trim apron and character print). Both the tiara and the mop cap are included in the price. This is an officially licensed product and it is available online for £23.99 more

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