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Fancy Dress Costumes For Couples And Groups Of Friends

Fancy Dress Clothes For Couples And Groups Of FriendsYou and your partner / friend have been invited to a fancy dress party. You have a choice. Choose your own costumes or team up and become a duo.

Where would the magician be without his assistant? Where would Andy be without his Lou? If you and your other half want to show the world what an in tune couple you really are, then matching costumes is the way to go.

And you don't even need to be a couple. Hen and stag night parties are great if everyone dresses up, and if the costumes are all themed, even better. A group of nuns on a hen night (or stag night!) would definitely be a sight worth seeing.

There's countless ideas for costumes for couples / groups to choose from in this category. So get your imagination working overtime. Whether it be Halloween, Christmas, St Patricks Day or any other occasion, there is something for everyone. more

Featured costumes

Let the kids experience the magic of Pandora in these Avatar fancy dress costumes

Avatar Fancy Dress Costumes For ChildrenAvatar, the 2009 blockbuster film which won a host of awards has become a modern classic. It is set in the mid-22nd century, on the planet of Pandora where humans are mining a precious mineral called unobtanium. A paraplegic marine, Jake becomes torn between following his orders and protecting the world he feels is his home. And now the kids can re enact the best moments (or even anticipate the next movie) in these fantastic officially licensed Avatar costumes. The Child Jake Sully Avatar Costume includes a pair of beige trousers with an attached stripy blue tail featuring a furry black tip. Also included is a matching black and blue shirt with an attached beige jacket and stripy blue sleeves. The children's Avatar costume is completed with a blue Jake Sully character mask. Girls can become Avatar's heroine with this Neytiri Costume which includes a stripy blue long-sleeved jumpsuit with an attached tail, a brown apron and a necklace. These costumes are ideal for film themed fancy dress parties or for kids who love the film. Both costumes are available in three sizes - small (age 3 - 4 years), medium (age 5 - 8 years) and large (age 8 - teen) and are for sale online for just £20.49 each. more

It's time to play the music, It's time to light the lights, It's time to become the Muppets in some fancy dress tonight
Muppets Fancy Dress Costumes
Everyone knows and loves Jim Henson's famous creations, the Muppets. And now you can experience life as one of his famous characters. The officially licensed Kermit the Frog Fancy Dress Costume includes a pair of green trousers with attached feet, a green padded top with gloves and a padded Kermit headpiece. It is available in two sizes (standard /chest size 38" - 42"and extra large / chest size 42" - 46" and costs £45.98 online. And if you want to have "Kermie" quaking then how about The Muppets Miss Piggy Costume. This outfit includes a long pink dress, a blonde Miss Piggy wig with pig ears, a pig nose on elastic, a pink feather boa and a pair of long pink gloves. It is available in three sizes - small (dress size 8-10) , medium (12-14) and large (16 - 18) and you can buy it online for £46.99. Or perhaps you'd rather be the maniac drummer of The Muppets with this impressive licensed Animal Costume, which includes a printed shirt and a silver coloured spiked collar with an attached chain. Also included with the children's television character is a deluxe Animal half mask with eye holes in the mouth for easy visibility. The puppet costume is completed with a pair of drumsticks and a pair of orange plush gloves. It is available in one size (up to chest size 44") and costs £38.99 online. Ideal for a TV themed fancy dress party. more

Jedward Fancy Dress Costume Bring some double trouble to a fancy dress party

Here's a topical and fun fancy dress costume, ideal for you and a pal - the Adult Dedward Costume. This outfit is perfect for those who can't sit still and like to dance as if they've got ants in their pants. The costume comprises of a silver top and a matching pair of trousers. Available in one size (chest size 38 to 40", waist 32" - 34"), the Dedward costumes are available online for just £19.99 each. And if you can't create a blond quiff out of what nature has given you, add a wig for maximum impact. Ideal for a Eurovision or X Factor themed party. more

Watch With Mother in the Andy Pandy and Looby Loo fancy dress costumes
Andy Pandy And Looby Loo Fancy Dress Costumes
Here's a unique pair of costumes for those who have fond memories of the BBC afternoon Watch With Mother slot and ideal if you've a TV themed fancy dress party coming up. The Andy Pandy and Looby Loo Fancy Dress Costumes are available together, offering a couple the opportunity to coordinate their outfits perfectly. The Adult Licensed Andy Pandy Costume (size: jacket / chest size to 42") includes a blue and white striped jumpsuit with a teddy printed on the front and a white collar. Also included with the official Andy Pandy costume is a coordinating blue and white hat. The Adult Licensed Looby Lou Costume (dress size 12 - 14) includes a pink dress with white dots and an attached blue scarf. Also included with the official Looby Lou outfit is a yellow headpiece with pink bows and a blue and white bag with 'andy pandy' printed on the front. The two costumes together cost £69.99. Even better, at the end of the evening, you can serenade everyone with the classic song - Time to go home, Time to go home, Andy is waving goodbye. more

Nightmare Before Christmas fancy dress costumes
Nightmare Before Christmas Fancy Dress Costume
The Nightmare Before Christmas is a musical fantasy film produced by Tim Burton. The hero, Jack Skellington, is the pumpkin king of Halloween Town. One day he stumbles into Christmas Town, and is so taken with the idea of Christmas that he tries to get the resident bats, ghouls, and goblins of Halloween town to help him put on Christmas instead of Halloween. The Deluxe Jack Skellington Fancy Dress Costume includes a thin black jacket with white pin stripes, collar and jagged finish tails and faux button with Velcro closure. With the jacket is a bib style white faux shirt front, which ties around the neck and is tucked in to the jacket to create an under shirt look. The rubber padded bat bow tie has elasticated ties and an inner wire so the tie can be shaped. Completing this deluxe costume is a full overhead vinyl mask with nose and mouth holes and netted eyes so you can see out but no-one can see in. This is a one size costume suitable for jacket / chest size 42" to 46" and costs £41.99 online. And you / your other half can be there to stop the madness in a Sally Halloween Costume. This outfit includes a multicoloured printed patchwork dress, long glovelets with printed stitching and a long red wig. It comes in three sizes - small (8-10), medium (12-14) and large (16-18) and is for sale online for £31.49. more

He-Man and She Ra Fancy Dress Costumes Be Masters of the (fancy dress party) Universe

This Adult Licensed He-Man and She-Ra Combination is ideal for a superhero fancy dress party! And buying the two together not only saves you money, but also ensures that you and your other half are perfectly coordinated too. The He Man Costume comprises of a flesh coloured jumpsuit with muscle padded arms and chest, an attached blue and red chest belt, red pants, red arm cuffs and red boot covers. Also included with the He-Man costume is an inflatable sword. It is a one size costume suitable for chest size 38" to 40" / waist to 30" to 38" / inside leg 30". And for ladies who fancy being the "Princess of Power", the She Ra outfit will be ideal. It fits dress sizes 12-14 and includes a white top with gold detailing, a short white skirt, a red cape, a gold headpiece, a pair of gold arm cuffs and a pair of gold boot covers. The two costumes cost £61.99. For the honor of Grayskull . . . more

Bonza Babes Fancy Dress Clothes Bonza babe outfits at bonza prices

For bonza fancy dress deals, girls really should get online and get these Bonza Babe Fancy Dress Costume. And you'll save a bunch of fivers as these costumes are currently £10 cheaper than normal. That's just £12.98 for each of these gorgeous pink sequin dresses. All the dresses have a pink ribboned corset style back to ensure that perfect hour glass figure. The dresses are available in two sizes - small (dress size 8-10) and medium (10-12) and are perfect both for individuals or for a trio of friends on a girls' night out or hen do. There are three different styles to choose from, the fishtail cut dress, the diagonal cut dress and the mid calf length dress. So girls who are bored beyond endurance, payin' too much for fancy dress clothes, get along to this fabulous online sale of fancy dress costumes. more

Irish Theme Fancy Dress Costumes For St Patricks Day Leprechaun CostumeGet three for the price of two in this "luck of the Irish" Leprechaun fancy dress costume

If you and your mates are planning on celebrating this St Patricks Day, do so in style in these Leprechaun Fancy Dress Costumes. And you'll quickly understand the old adage "the luck of the Irish", as for a limited time only, if you buy two of these St Patrick's Day outfits, you'll get the third one absolutely free. These Irish themed fancy dress costumes include an all-in-one leprechaun jumpsuit comprising of a pair of green trousers with a yellow trim, a coordinating vest, a green jacket with a yellow trim and gold shamrock detailing and a pair of black boot tops. The waist is shaped with a hoop to create a rounded figure. The leprechaun costume is completed by a matching green hat with a gold shamrock trim and a ginger beard! This is a one size costume designed to fit jacket / chest size up to 42". A single Leprechaun costume costs £29.99 online, so you'll get three for £59.98 (which works out to being less than £20 each!). more

Win a medal in some Wacky Races fancy dress costumes

Wacky Races Fancy Dress Costumes Penelope Pitstop Dick Dastardly Muttley Costumes If you are a damsel in distress and need some "He-y-alp!" picking out a fabulous fancy dress costume, then why not take a tip from the Southern belle heiress herself and dress in a Penelope Pitstop Fancy Dress Costume. Available for £42.98 in three sizes - small (8-10), medium (12-14) and large (14-16) - this costume includes a short pink dress with a shimmering top and a picture of the cartoon character printed on the chest. Also included is a pink racing hat with attached fabric goggles and a pair of pink gloves. And who better to accompany you than your arch enemy, Dick Dastardly. The Dick Dastardly Fancy Dress Costume includes a long purple coat with 'DASTARDLY & MUTTLEY' printed on the front, a purple and red striped hat with attached driving goggles, a pair of red gloves and a black stick-on moustache. It comes in two sizes (suitable for all chest sizes between 38" - 46") and costs £36.98 online. And drat, drat and double drat, there's even a Muttley Fancy Dress Costume for your faithful sniggering sidekick. This outfit includes a furry cream coloured tunic with a printed red collar and dog tag. Also included is a stuffed headpiece. On the bright side, you can always shout "Do something Muttley!!" heeheeheehee. more

All aboard HMS Fancy Dress with Olive Oyl and Popeye the sailor man, toot toot

Popeye And Olive Oyl Fancy Dress For CouplesIf one of you is the type to react badly to certain vegetables and the other is a little on the skinny side, then here's the ideal couple fancy dress costume for two. And even better, buying the Popeye and Olive Oyl Fancy Dress Costume Combo works out far cheaper than buying the individual costumes separately. The Popeye costume comes in medium size (chest size 42") and includes a top with bulging arm muscles complete with anchor tattoos, blue trousers, a hat, soft fabric pipe and, of course, a spinach can (which also works as a holder for a can of drink). The Olive Oyl outfit is available in size medium (bust 33"-35", waist 25"-26") and comprises of a red top with white collar, a pair of padded boot tops, a skirt and a wig. The wig has the distinctive stiff ponytail that we all associate with this iconic character! This fancy dress costume combo is available online for £70.92, and as Popeye himself says, I'm strong to the finish when I eats me spinach, I'm Popeye the sailor man! toot toot more

Cinderfella Fancy Dress CostumeThe ball won't be a drag in these
Cinderfella fancy dress costumes

You shall go to the ball, Cinderfella . . . and it won't be a drag either even though you're in drag, in this cracking Cinderfella Fancy Dress Costume. The costume comprises of a long dress with a wire hem to give the bell shape so becoming of a fairy princess and an attached peplum (the decoration at the waist). The pack also includes the gloves. This one size costume is designed to fit chest size 38" to 40" waist 32" to 34" and has a lace-up section at the back for adjustment and is available online for £40.99. The Cinderfella wig is available separately and costs £8.99. Team it up with a pair of Ugly Sisters for the ultimate in themed hilarious stag do outfits. more

Discount Price Fancy Dress Outfits Discount price fancy dress costume

If you fancy getting prepared for next Halloween and grabbing yourself a bargain at the same time, then hurry along to this fantastic fancy dress costume sale. The sinister Monk Robe is ideal for any follower of a dark sect. The long one piece robe has a long pointed hood, an attached shoulder cape and an extra long cord waist tie. The cape is decorated with metal eyelets and is available in three different sizes suitable for 40" to 48"+ chest. Pre sale price £34.99 but now just £10. In folklore, a succubus (plural succubi) is a demon who takes the form of a highly attractive woman to seduce men! The Succubus Fancy Dress Costume includes a corset top, sleevelets and ripped maxi skirt. It is available in three different sizes suitable for size 8-14. Pre sale price £34.99 but now just £10! more

Magician And Assistant Fancy Dress ClothesHey presto - transform yourselves with the magical fancy dress costume for couples

Transform yourselves into Mortimer the Magician and his ultra glamorous assistant, Magical Mystique with a swish of the wand, an uttered incantation and of course a visit to the fancy dress website to find the ultimate in couple costume combinations. The Adult Mortimer The Magician Costume includes a full black magician's cape with a contrasting green lining, a black and green striped vest with buttons and a matching bow tie. Add accessories to complete the magician look. Available in three sizes, suitable for chest sizes 40" - 50", this outfit costs £54.99. The Adult Magical Mystique Costume includes a velvet striped leotard with tails, arm tassels and sequin trim accents. Also included with the showgirl costume is a pair of black three quarter length gloves, a green and black striped choker with tassels and black ostrich feathers! This costume is available in four sizes (from dress size 6 -14) and costs £46.99. Buy the two together and you'll save 10%. more

Morph yourself into a fancy dress costume

Morph Fancy Dress OutfitsA must have item for festivals, stag nights and what ever else your imagination can cope with, the Morphsuit is perfect if you're looking for a costume for a group of people. The one piece body suit has a double ended zip that goes from the base of the spine up the back to the top of the head. The suit has an attached head, feet and gloves and can be worn with shoes. You can see out but others cannot see in and as a bonus party trick, you can even drink through the fabric. Available in four sizes (from 5' to over 6'4" tall) this costume will suit virtually anyone as it's made from stretchy lycra - although if you've a body like Smithy you may want to hit the gym first. It comes in a rainbow of colours including black, white, green, blue, red, yellow, pink, silver, gold, orange and purple and costs £34.99 online! more

Pharaoh and Cleopatra fancy dress costumes
Ancient Egyptian Fancy Dress Costumes
Walk like an Egyptian in an Ancient Egyptian Fancy Dress Costume. Perfect for a themed party or for a couple who like to coordinate, these costumes are simply fabulous. The Pharaoh Fancy Dress Costume is a one size outfit (suitable for chest size 34-40") which includes a black and gold tunic with an attached belt, a dramatic black and gold striped headpiece and a pair of black sequined arm cuffs. This costume costs £32.99. And for his better half, the Adult Cleopatra Egyptian Queen Costume includes a long white ribbed Egyptian style dress with gold trim around the base of the skirt, matching gold adjustable shoulder straps, a long white netted drape down the front of the garment and a central blue and yellow embroidered decoration adorned with green and gold sequins. Also included is a shimmering gold collar printed with multicoloured Egyptian style patterning, a gold headband with a multicoloured sequined motif and a pair of gold coloured cuffs. It is available in three different sizes and costs £32.99. For more Ancient Egyptian fancy dress costumes click here

A Hen Night with the Pink Ladies
Hen Night Fancy Dress Costumes
You may be hopelessly devoted to your fiance, but a Hen Night out with the Pink Ladies is just what every Sandy needs before her big day. First up for the bride is the electrifyingly sexy Sandy Last Scene Fancy Dress Costume which she wears when she goes from being super sweet to super sassy. This officially licensed costume includes a sleeveless stretch top worn with the straps off the shoulders, a pair of very slinky trousers and a black belt with metallic buckle detail. The costume comes in three sizes - small (8-10), medium (12-14) and large (16-18) and costs £29.99. Every girl needs a best friend by her side when she's about to make an honest man of her Danny, so how about having your bridesmaid in a Frenchy Fancy Dress Costume. She may be a beauty school dropout but she has a heart of gold. The outfit is available in medium size (12-14), costs £32.99 and comprises of a pink tunic dress with a printed breast badge, a white belt and a single string of pearls. Team up with the pink Frenchy wig for maximum effect. And for all the hens in your posse, how about decking them all out in Pink Ladies Jackets which are just £13.99 each. These glossy silk jackets have the Pink Ladies logos on the front and the back, have elasticated knitted cuffs and waistband. Altogether now . . . We go together like rama lama lama ke ding a de dinga a dong . . . more

Swashbuckling pirate fancy dress clothes
Pirate Fancy Dress Clothes
If you and your other half are off to a pirate theme fancy dress party then there's a brilliant selection of pirate costumes to choose from. And there's some great offers on at the moment. For the guys, how about a renegade Admiral Pirate Fancy Dress Costume with a deluxe quality red admiral's coat boasting golden coloured button detailing down front of jacket and on cuffs of sleeves. Available in four sizes (small: chest 38" to 40", medium: chest 42" to 44", large: chest 46" to 48" and extra large: chest 50") this costume has just been reduced to just £39.99 (was £79.99). And ladies, if you like being the boss, how about this Sexy Pirate Captain Fancy Dress Costume which comprises of a burgundy and black velour jacket dress with faux buttons and contrasting cuffs, lace ascot and a foam pirate hat with feather. This costume has also been reduced from £43.99 to just £29.99 and is available in two sizes - dress sizes 8-10 and 10-12. All you'll need now is a parrot! more

Morris Dancer Fancy Dress Costume For St Georges DayA quintessentially English, Morris dancer fancy dress costume

St George's Day is coming up so how about a dose of good old patriosm with a quintessentially English Morris Dancer Fancy Dress Costume. Perfect for an English themed party, this costume includes a white shirt adorned with shimmering red and green ribbons and a matching central rosette. Also included with the costume is a pair of white trousers with attached red handkerchiefs in the belt loops and jingling gold bells with red and green ribbons around the legs. The morris dancing outfit is completed with a straw hat decorated with white, red and green faux flowers and a pair of white handkerchiefs to hold in your hands.. This is available in two sizes (standard and large) and is available online for £33.99. Buy 3 Get 1 FREE! While promotional stocks last. Simply add a minimum of 3 Morris Dancers to your basket, click 'update quantities' and the 4th Morris Dancer will be added free of charge. This is a multiple offer, buy 6 and you'll get 2 free Morris Dancers, etc. more

Scooby Doo Fancy Dress Costume - Fred and Daphne Fancy Dress OutfitsScooby Doo . . . where are you? Fred and Daphne fancy dress costumes

Off to a mysterious fancy dress party in a spooky castle or abandoned fairground? If so, here's a great costume combination for a couple - the Fred and Daphne Fancy Dress Costumes. The Daphne costume is perfect for all girls with a good fashion sense. This one size costume (dress size 10 - 14) comprises of a v-neck velvet touch dress with a contrasting faux vinyl trim around the shoulders, neckline and base of the dress. There is also a green scarf, synthetic orange colour long haired wig with attached hair band and vinyl polyester boot tops. Leader of the gang Fred's costume comprises of a white polo shirt with collar and zipper, blue trousers with a slight flare cut leg plus elasticated waist, a replica blonde Freddy hairdo and a short orange fabric scarf. This is a one size costume (chest size to 44", waist 30" to 36", inside Leg to 32") . The two Scooby Doo character costumes are available for £59.98 more
More Scooby Doo characters available click here

Eighties Pop Star Fancy Dress Clothes80s popstars fancy dress clothes for couples

If you and your partner would love to follow in the steps of Duran Duran and Tina Turner and become Eighties pop stars, even if for only one night, how about these 80's Pop Superstar fancy dress costumes. For the guy, the Adult 80's icon costume includes a pair of leopard print trousers and a metallic effect jacket. It is a one size costume suitable for chest size to 44". The adult female 80s superstar costume fits dress size 10 - 12 and includes a leopard print shirt and a matching jacket. Add accessories to complete the look. The two costume pack is currently on sale for £84.99 more

Do a highland fling in these St Andrews Day Scottish themed costumes!
Scottish Fancy Dress Clothes
2009 was the year of the Scottish Homecoming, celebrating the 250th anniversary of the birth of the great Rabbie Burns. The celebrations come to an end tonight with the planned St Andrew's Day events certain to offer an explosive ending to Homecoming‎. So celebrate in style and pay homage to St. Andrew by getting in the spirit with some St Andrews Day Fancy Dress costumes. The sexy Scottish Lassie Costume is a deluxe costume comprising of a kilt with lace detailing around hem, waistcoat with attached blouse and hat and costs £57.99. It is available in sizes from size 8 up to size 22. For the men, the Adult What's Under the Kilt? Scottish Costume includes a tartan kilt with attached pouch bearing the words 'What's under the kilt?', a matching top with white sleeves and attached white lace cravat, a tam-o'-shanter style hat, a pair of white and tartan socks and an exceptional manhood! It is available online for £42.99. Or for the canny Scotsman out there, how about the budget Red Tartan Kilt With Sporran. This one size costume is designed to fit most adults and costs just £11.99. Hoots mon, there's a moose loose aboot this hoose! more

Christmas Fancy Dress Costumes For Nativity PlaysLeave those bed sheets alone - here's a fantastic selection of nativity costumes

Its almost that time of year again, when teachers decide to force parents to massacre their bed linen for a one show extravaganza in the school hall. But fret no more, your sheets, dish cloths and duvets are safe as we've a fantastic selection of value for money Nativity Play Fancy Dress Costumes. Whether your child has been cast as Mary, Joseph, a king, an angel, a shepherd or even a lamb or a camel, there are a wide choice of nativity costumes from just £4.49. There are even a selection of adult costumes for any grown up unfortunate enough to be drafted in too! more

Will you be Alice In Wonderland or Malice In Wonderland?

Alice In Wonderland Fancy Dress ClothesHere are two of the huge variety of Alice In Wonderland costumes currently available. First up is the Two Piece Miss Wonderland costume. The makers have decided that the original costume is a little bit too safe and consequently have given it a good shake-up with this sexy mini version. The pack contains a mini apron dress; this can be adjusted to fit perfectly using the apron strings at the back and the bodice lacing at the front. The costume includes a lace trimmed headpiece, is available in small (8-10), medium (10-12) and large (12-14) sizes and costs £51.99. The Malice In Wonderland Costume is an adult scary-tale costume ideal for an anti Fairytale or alternative statement. This costume includes a one-piece black burnished dress with white burnished bodice and apron. The bodice has a laced bodice which can be adjusted using the supplied black ribbon. The dress also features elasticated puffy shoulders and an attached crinoline petticoat with layers and a contrasting black lace trim. The costume also includes one pair of black and white checkered leggings with black elasticated tops. It is available in small (6-8), medium (8-10) and large (10-12) sizes and costs £26.49. more To see a wide selection of Alice In Wonderland (and related) fancy dress costumes click here

Movie theme fancy dress clothes - Ghostbusters and Mallow Man
Ghostbuster And Mallow Man Fancy Dress Costumes If you and a pal are off to a movie theme fancy dress costume (or just like dressing up and pretending to be Jedward), then how about this Ghostbuster and Mallow Man Combi. The Adult Ghostbuster Costume includes a beige jumpsuit, with front zip and colour Ghostbusters logo. There are two breast pockets with zips to keep ghost-busting gadgets in! The Ghostbuster costume also includes a inflatable proton pack comes with shoulder and waist straps and fastens with plastic buckles. The gun attaches to the backpack via Velcro. For extra value, the proton pack comes with a puncture repair patch in case of emergency. The Adult Mallow Man Costume includes a white foam effect top with gloves and an attached blue sailor style collar and red neck tie. Also included with the novelty mallow man is a pair of matching white padded trousers. The Mallow Man costume is completed by a white foam effect mask with smiley face, expressive eyebrows and an attached sailor's hat with blue trim and red ribbon detailing. Both are available in standard size and the Ghostbusters combi is currently on sale online for just £78.99 (reduced from £87.99). more

Is it a wedding . . . is it a funeral? Dead bride and groom fancy dress costumes
Dead Bride And Groom Fancy Dress Clothes
If you're looking for Halloween costumes for couples, then the dead bride and groom duo is creepily perfect. The Ghost Groom Halloween Outfit is a one-size garment designed to fit up to a 42 inch chest and is available online for £32.99. It comprises of a one piece top with an attached black and white jabot. Self tie adjustments at the back to ensure a snug fit. The pack also includes a pair of elsaticated waist trousers, a soft fabric top hat and a grey cummerbund. Who better than to accompany the ghost groom to the party but a drop DEAD gorgeous Corpse Bride. This fancy dress costume costs £39.99 and is available in three sizes (dress size 6-8, dress size 10-12 and dress size 12-14). The dead bride fancy dress costume includes a dress, a veil and brooch. The dress is made up of layers of satin and black and white net, the layers are ragged and ripped exposing the layers underneath. For both costumes, finish off with some creepy face paints for maximum effect. There are many more Halloween costumes for couples available click to see more

Shrek Fancy Dress Clothes For ChildrenThe greatest fairytale never told - Shrek fancy dress clothes for kids

We all love Shrek, the grumpy yet likeable ogre who, in order to regain his swamp, travels along with an annoying donkey in order to rescue a princess from a dragon and deliver her to a scheming Lord, who wishes to marry her in order to be King. Now the kids can make believe too in these officially licensed Dreamworks Shrek costumes. For the boys, the Deluxe Shrek Fancy Dress Costume costs £30 and comprises of a mask (covering the front part of the head and held in place with elastic), a jumpsuit with attached waistcoat, waist sash, checked trousers and shoe covers. The Princess Fiona Fancy Dress Costume For Girls includes a long purple dress with silver edging that fastens at the back of the neck with a button. Also included is a green headpiece with a mini gold plastic crown. It is available online for £20. more

Toothbrush And Toothpaste Tube Fancy Dress ClothesThe ultimate fancy dress clothes for dentists

If you are in the dental profession and are going to a fancy dress party, these have got to be the best fancy dress clothes for you. Firstly we have the Toothbrush Fancy Dress Costume. This one piece toothbrush costume is simplicity itself. It slips onto your head and the handle of the brush hangs down from your collar. This is a one size unisex costume designed to fit most adults and is worn over your own clothing. Available for £27.99. The Toothpaste Fancy Dress Outfit is also a one piece, one size unisex costume designed to fit most adults. It is made of lightweight white material printed with a toothpaste tube label on the front. The costume is worn over your own clothing and is available for online for £36.99 more.

Sega Vs Nintendo fancy dress costumesSonic And Mario Costumes

Mario is the portly plumber who lives in the fictional land of Mushroom Kingdom with Luigi, (his younger, taller brother), who is also a plumber. Figurehead of Nintendo, there are not many people under the age of fifty who won't know who Mario is. And when teamed with the Sega mascot, Sonic The Hedgehog, these could be the perfect costumes for a pair of retro gamers. The Mario costume consists of a hat, shirt and overalls and is available for £48.93.The officially licenced Sonic the Hedgehog costume includes a colourful blue and yellow top, a pair of matching blue trousers and a pair of red and white boot tops. It also features a detailed blue and white character headpiece with mesh covering to allow you to see through Sonic's eyes and a pair of oversized white gloves. It is available online for £63.32. more.

Hit the jackpot with these costumesHigh Roller And Roulette Wheel Fancy Dress Costumes

If you like a flutter or just hope that this may be your lucky night, how about this High Roller Costume. This is the perfect outfit for a gambling man and comprises of a dark green jacket made of Dollar sign fabric with a built-in shirt front and an extravagant Roulette collar. The pack also includes a black bow-tie and seperate white shirt cuffs. And you are in luck . . the price has just been reduced to £19.59 (was £27.99). And for the girls, why not try this Spin and Win Roulette Wheel Novelty costume available online for £44.99. It consists of a one size fits UK size 8-12, halter neck mini dress the body of which is made of black stretch velour with a lace up section at the back. This is a revealing garment, for a little more cover try tanga shorts and fishnet tights. The skirt has a wire form in the hem and once unpacked and straightened this forms a roulette wheel, there is even a small golden ball attached to the hip. The pack also includes a pair of black panties and a headpiece on an Alice band, decorated with a feather and roulette. more

Tequila Bottle And Margarita Cocktail Fancy Dress CostumesBring a bottle to the party

You've been invited to a fancy dress party and we all know it's manners to bring a bottle on such occasions. But did they specify which bottle? Take advantage of your hosts good manners and turn up dressed in this cocktail dress with a difference. This Adult Strawberry Daquiri costume costs £41.99 and like the drink is cool and very sweet. The outfit includes the dress and a headpiece on an Alice band. This is a one size costume designed to fit sizes 8 to 14 - there is a lace up section at the back of the dress to adjust it to fit. Perfect for a drink themed fancy dress party. And your sidekick . . . a Bottle of Tequila, of course. This novelty costume costs £40.99 and has a section at the base to allow the legs to move about freely. more

May the fourth be with you
Star Wars Fancy Dress Costumes Princess Leila And Star Wars Stormtrooper
It is over 30 years since Star Wars first packed out cinemas worldwide. Now regarded as a landmark in cinema history, Star Wars has an army of devotees who flock to Star Wars Conventions to watch the films, meet like minded people, and even take part in Jedi training camps and belly dancing classes. Many fans arrived in costume, dressed as a range of characters and we have a fantastic selection of Star Wars Fancy Dress Costumes and accessories ranging in price from £3.41 for a Darth Vader mask to £665.53 for a Darth Vader Deluxe Costume that would probably put the original to shame. We particularly love the Clone Trooper Costume, a detailed Clone Trooper printed jumpsuit and PVC mask with blue, black and white Revenge Of The Sith design which is available for £60.67 and the rather sexy Princess Leila costume which includes dress with dual slit, belt and character wig for £44.03. So if you are off to a Star Wars Convention or, like Ross from Friends, have fanatasies about a certain Princess Leila, look no further! more

Ball and Chain Fancy Dress CostumeTake the old ball and chain to a fancy dress party

"Ball and Chain" is a slang term meaning wife, and refers back to the times when a prisoner's leg was attached to a heavy metal ball by means of a chain and manacle. For those couples who don't regard their marriage as a prison sentence and are looking for tongue in cheek "his and hers fancy dress costumes", how about this unusual Ball And Chain Fancy Dress Costume For Couples. Made from lightweight poly foam with an iridescent black finish, either part can be worn by the man or woman either with as little clothing as shown or with black trousers and black tops for the more modest. The chain part is made from fabric and one of the central links has a Velcro section so you can detach yourself! Buy it now online for £66.99. more

Go that extra mile in a fancy dress costume

Super Hero Fancy Dress CostumesIt's nearly that time of year again when thousands of energetic people take to the streets of London to compete in the London Marathon. And it's not the fast front runners and the world record beaters, that make this event so memorable. No, it's also famous for creating a moving fancy dress festival. We think that the runners are all heroes and heroines and so, what better than a super hero costume. The Wonder Woman Costume includes a polyester and faux velvet dress with embroidered logo on bust, burnished foam tiara with star motif, elasticated shiny red burnished cape, contrasting burnished gauntlets and faux velvet boot tops with contrasting white vinyl polyester trim plus gold foam belt with velcro and is available for £33.76. And if you are not lucky enough to have Wonder Woman hair, there is also a long, wavy and layered brown 70s flick wig for £12.72 to complete the look. For the guys, how about a Batman costume available online for £32.29 which includes a one-piece grey and black jumpsuit, a long black cape with attached foam headpiece with stand-up ears and a utility belt. Let me think . . . Batman running through the streets of London. Now that rings a bell - you plonker. more

St. Georges Day fancy dress costumes

St George And The Dragon Fancy Dress Clothes Tomorrow is St Georges Day - the day when the English can stick out their chests, wear their flag with pride and celebrate their patron saint. Now you can truly get in the spirit with a fantastic range of St Georges Day Fancy Dress Clothes. Become St George himself for the day in the adult Medieval Crusader costume which includes the knight's tunic, chainmail-look trousers, faux leather belt, co-ordinating armbands, chainmail-look headpiece, studded boot covers and contrasting cape and is priced at £44.03. Every St. George needs a dragon to fight and if your 3-8 year old child is up for the challenge, we have a Child Dragon Costume. This emerald jumpsuit made from soft stretch fabric features yellow spikes and wings, flaming nostrils and white teeth and is available online for £29.36. Or how about wearing your flag with pride a la Ginger Spice with the St George inspired halter-neck England Dress, a snip at £17.12. St Georges Day is not the only day to celebrate being English. Thanks to the English Football team and their success throughout the world there are plenty days for national pride. And we just love this official licenced England Football Fairy costume (from 3yrs - 10yrs) which includes a red and white fairy dress with layered netted skirt and embroidered crest, a pair of detachable wings, an embroidered cape and a football shaped wand. more

Scooby Doo . . . where are you?
Scooby Doo Fancy Dress Costume - Fred and Daphne Fancy Dress Outfits
Off to a mysterious fancy dress party in a spooky castle or abandoned fairground? If so, here's a great costume combination for a gang of friends. The Fred and Daphne Fancy Dress Costume Combination has a Daphne costume perfect for all girls with a good fashion sense. This one size costume (dress size 10 - 14) comprises of a v-neck velvet touch dress with a contrasting faux vinyl trim around the shoulders, neckline and base of the dress. There is also a green scarf, synthetic orange colour long haired wig with attached hair band and vinyl polyester boot tops. Leader of the gang Fred's costume comprises of a white polo shirt with collar and zipper, blue trousers with a slight flare cut leg plus elasticated waist, a replica blonde Freddy hairdo and a short orange fabric scarf. This is a one size costume (chest size to 44", waist 30" to 36", inside Leg to 32") . These two Scooby Doo character costumes are available for £69.98. The Adult Scooby Doo and Shaggy Fancy Dress Costume Combination is perfect for any movie or TV themed party. The Scooby Doo Costume includes a deluxe one piece fleece jumpsuit with 'SD' dog tag and attached headpiece. This one size costume fits chest size 40"-46", waist size 32"-38", inside leg to 32". Zoinks! This adult Shaggy costume consists of shirt, trousers, wig and goatee beard. Available in one size (chest size 40"-44", waist size 32"-38", inside leg to 31".) This pack of two costumes is on sale online for £81.99. Velma Dace Dinkley is the resident genius among the Scooby Doo mystery solving crew. Dress just like her in this Velma Fancy Dress Costume. The outfit comprises of a long sleeved, orange turtleneck top, red skirt with an elasticated waist and pleat at the front, a Velma style wig and her trademark glasses. Available in one size (which fits dress size 8-12), this costume is for sale online for £31.99. more

Set Of Ghostbusters CostumesI ain't afraid of no ghost

If you and the boys want to make an impression on your night out, be it a stag do, end of term celebrations or just a Saturday night with a twist, then here's a great offer. For a limited time only a bundle of four Ghostbusters costumes is available with 17% discount compared to purchasing the costumes individually. The Ghostbusters costume is made up of a poly cotton mix boiler suit with the official Ghostbusters logo on the chest and sleeve. Each costume is supplied with a blow up gun and back pack and is available in standard size, (40 to 42 inch chest). The pack of four is £144.99 - a saving of 17%. So who you gonna call . . . no-one, as this offer is only available for online orders. more

Hen Night Fancy Dress CostumesA Hen Night to remember

Your hen night should be a night to remember . . . and dressing up will get you all in the right frame of mind to tryuly enjoy your pals last night of freedom. The bride-to-be should stand out - and she surely will in this Sexy Wedding Cake Bride Costume available for £29.36. The costume includes a short (very short!) wedding dress with spaghetti straps and bow and ribbon detailing. And don't forget the L-Plates - just £1.46 at Joke. For the hens, we particularly love these familiar looking Bonza Babes Costume, which are currently on special offer. You and two friends can now get three costumes for just £39.13 - that's the normal price for two. Altogether now . . . For ladies who enjoy nights out . . . more

Celebrate St Patricks Day in style
St Patricks Day Fancy Dress Costumes
The Irish know how to party (St Patrick himself was said to have chastised an innkeeper who served a short measure of whiskey) and it is perhaps because of this (and the Irish love of travelling) that St. Patricks Day is celebrated throughout the world. So celebrate in style and pay homage to St. Patrick by getting in the spirit with some St Patricks Day Fancy Dress costumes. The sexy Clover Leprechaun Costume comprises of a mini dress and a green tail coat and costs £51.99. The sleeveless dress has underwires fitted to the bust and the shoulder straps are adjustable. For the men, the Lucky the Leprechauns costume consists of an over sized poly foam jacket, poly foam shoe covers, scarf, hat with a wired brim and a shamrock on a stick and is available online for £53.99. There are even Childrens St Patricks Day costumes for the kids. And for the icing on the cake - for a mere £5.99 a St Patricks Day Costume for your dog. Top o' the morning to ya! more

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