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Famous People And Famous Character Fancy Dress Costumes
Famous People Fancy Dress Clothes
There are some people in this world whose look is or was so iconic that a dress, a hairstyle or even a pair of glasses will instantly bring them to mind.

You may be going to a themed party or wish to make a statement with your choice of costume.

For famous people who don't have a distinct dress style, there are a huge range of caricature latex masks that will instantly transform you into a famous person without the need for a costume click here to see the masks.

And they may not even be real people. Some fictional and film characters have such strong identities that they can also be included in this category.

Check out the shop for a good range of Marilyn Monroe style costumes (click here), Elvis style costumes (click here) and other rock and film stars too

Featured costumes

Mary Poppins Fancy Dress CostumeThe magical nanny fancy dress costume is practically perfect in every way

If you're looking for a Supercallifragilisticexpialidocious fancy dress outfit, then you'll love this Magical Nanny outfit that's practically perfect in every way. Instantly recognisable, the costume comprises of a blue jacket outfit with buttoned front and trimmed with lace to create a fantastic Edwardian look. There's also a matching skirt, a hat with pink and white flowers and collar piece with red bow and lace trim. The finishing touch es the fabulous parrot shaped umbrella cover designed to fit over your own umbrella handle. You just need to find a chimney sweep with an appalling cockney accent and the job is done! Even if you don't like dressing up this costume is the little bit of sugar that will help the medicine go down! Perfect for book theme or Disney fancy dress parties, this costume is available in four sizes (10, 12, 14 and 16) and costs £38.99 online. more

Queen Break Free Fancy Dress CostumeDo you want to break free in a Rockstar Housewife fancy dress costume

If you want to break free and unleash your inner Queen then here's the ideal costume for you. Instantly recognisable and perfect for getting a reaction, this "Rockstar Housewife" Fancy Dress Costume is also fabulous for an eighties theme night / famous person theme party, a stag do or for a lads night out. Included is a pink top and a black PVC look skirt, a dark wig and an all important coordinating moustache. Also included are a pair of pink ear rings that are suitable for unpierced ears and a fake vacuum cleaner. Just add some fishnets and a pair of heels to complete the look. The outfit comes in two sizes - standard (up to 41" chest) and extra large (up to 47" chest) and costs just £29.99 online. more

Sherlock Holmes Fancy Dress Costume For KidsElementary my dear Watson - kids Sherlock Holmes costume!

Thanks to the recent Sherlock Holmes movies starring Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law, Arthur Conan Doyle's famous character has a whole new legion of fans, making it a great costume idea for Book Day. And if your son is the master of disguise just like Sherlock Holmes, he'll love this Sherlock Holmes fancy dress costume. He can hunt down the Hound of the Baskervilles, destroy Moriarty, look out for his sidekick Dr Watson and generally make the world a better place - a Victorian super hero! The costume comprises of a trouser and caped jacket combo in matching material topped off with the classic Sherlock Holmes deerstalker hat. Available in three sizes, small (age 3-5 years / 116cm tall), medium (age 6-8 years / 140cm tall) and large (age 9-10 years /164cm tall). It is available online for £31.99 more

Mario And Luigi Plus Size Fancy Dress Costume Super Mario and Luigi fancy dress costumes for super size men

If you're super size and are off to a super fancy dress party, you'll want to look . . . well . . . super! So how about this Super Mario Deluxe Plus Size Fancy Dress Costume. It includes a jumpsuit with blue overalls and an integrated red jumper. Also included is an inflatable belly to create Mario's rotund shape - if you need it :) and a red hat with an 'M' printed on the front. The outfit is completed with a black self-adhesive moustache. It comes in one size - plus size / chest size 48" – 50" and costs £52.99. Also available in the same size is the Super Mario Bros Luigi Costume which also includes a blue overalls and integrated green jumper jumpsuit, a green hat with an 'L' on the front and a black self-adhesive moustache. Perfect for a plus size pal, it costs £45.99 online. Princess Peach will be impressed! more

Bart Simpson Fancy Dress CostumeI'm Bart Simpson, who the Hell are you?

Bart Simpson is a rebel, has a complete disrespect for authority and has become one of the most iconic, well known characters on TV. Now you too can be just like Springfield's chief troublemaker in this fantastic Bart Simpson costume. Available in two sizes (standard/ chest size 38" - 42" and extra large/ chest cize 42" - 46"), the outfit includes Bart's trademark red t-shirt and blue shorts (with yellow legs attached). Also included is a pair of blue shoe covers and a Bart Simpson headpiece with an adjustable Velcro fastening underneath the chin. This fun and memorable fancy dress idea is ideal for a television themed party, a famous person party or a 90's theme do too. Cowabunga! more

Horror movie fancy dress costumes for ladies

Female Horror Movie Characters Fancy Dress CostumeFor all you ladies who love a good horror flick but are frustrated by the lack of female lunatics out there, then here's a trio of great costumes for you and your friends this Halloween. Those clever designers have taken well known male characters and created costumes with an appealing feminine twist. For example The Adult Miss Leatherface Halloween Costume which includes a short grey dress with an integrated shirt and cut-away sides, has a yellow and grey chainsaw shaped handbag included - just great for taking home meat for the barbecue. For those who are of a gentler disposition, the Female Beetlejuice Costume is perfect. It includes a black and white striped dress with gold button detailing and the Beetlejuice logo on the skirt. Also included is a white collar with an attached black tie and a grey wig. But if you want to give everyone nightmares, then the Miss Chucky Costume should do the trick. Included is a stripey long-sleeved jumper, blue jean effect dungarees with 'Good Guys' printed on the front, a scary Chucky half mask and a red spikey wig. These costumes are available in a variety of sizes from extra small (6-8) up to large (16-18) and cost between £24.99 and £34.99 online. more

Brave Heroine Costume Merida Fancy Dress CostumesYou don't have to be Brave to wear this Merida fancy dress costume

Little girls love playing dress up and here's a costume that is not just fabulous but it's right up to date too. This fancy dress outfit is from the hit Disney Pixar film of 2012, "Brave" which is set in the Scottish Highlands and features Merida, a feisty and independantly minded Disney heroine (no prince required here) who defies an age-old custom, causing chaos in her kingdom. The officially licensed deluxe Disney costume includes a long blue and gold dress and a coordinating headband. If you're not lucky enough to have her beautiful red hair, there's a Merida wig available separately. It comes in three sizes - small (age 3 to 4 years), medium (age 5 to 6 years) and large (age 7 to 9 years) and costs just £22.99 online. Perfect for any party, dressing up box or Book Day event. more

Cheryl Cole Inspired Fancy Dress Costumes No need to Fight For This Love(ly)
Cheryl Cole inspired fancy dress costume

Going to a pop and rock star inspired fancy dress party? Don't want to dress up as someone your parents were into as teenagers? Then how about a cool military style Cheryl Cole inspired costume. We can "Promise This" colourful red and black uniform will be the best costume "Under The Sun" and you'll get a "Flood" of compliments! The outfit includes a pair of black trousers with slits in the legs and an elasticated waist. Also included is a red jacket with gold button detailing and a matching red and black army hat. It's available in three sizes (small 8-10, medium 12-14 and large 16-18) and costs £29.99 online. For those of you not endowed with beautiful hair, then there's a brown wig with long curls, a swept fringe and shorter layers around the face for £12.99 which will be perfect . . . go on, you're worth it! Just add mega false lashes and perfect makeup and you're good to lip-sync all night. more

Rebel Toon fancy dress costumes for teens / ladies that like to be different
Rebel Toons Fancy Dress Costumes
We all love the costumes from our favourite fairytales but there comes a point in any girls life where saccharine sweet just isn't cool anymore. Enter the Rebel Toons range of Fancy Dress Costumes which take the look of well known heroines from Disney, Grimm, nursery rhymes etc to a whole new dimension. The range includes edgy costumes for teens and sexed up versions for ladies. For younger teenage girls we love the Tween Rebel Toons Alice in Wonderland Costume which comes in two sizes (age 10-12 and age13+). The cute but cool Teen Rebel Toons Tinkerbell Fairy Costume fits dress size 4-6, perfect for any pixie sized teenager. A hen night with costumes themed on fairytales, classic films and nursery rhymes would be perfect for showing off the Rebel Toons Bo Peep outfit and the sexy Rebel Toons Dorothy Costume and you'll be the fairest of them all in the Rebel Toons Snow White Costume. more

Stag Night Fancy Dress CostumeStag night fancy dress costume that's likely to give you a Hangover

Looking for a great stag night costume that's guaranteed to result in a memorable night? Then you'll love this fancy dress outfit with a film theme. There's no doubt the drinks will flow but just be careful not to drink too much - you don't want a "Hangover" and you certainly want to remember what happened the next day! The outfit includes a grey t-shirt printed with a human tree design and a setting sun, a brown wig, a matching bushy beard and a pair of black sunglasses. The piece de la resistance of this ensemble is the beanie toting baby with printed sunglasses on its face which is sat in a black baby carrier. The costume is available in two sizes (standard / up to chest size 41" and extra large / up to chest size 47") and costs £29.99 online. And if you want to go the whole hog, just lose a friend and create a nerdy hillbilly by knocking out another ones front tooth! more

It's party time. P. A. R. T. Y in this smokin' Mask fancy dress costume
The Mask Fancy Dress Costumes
Are you a bit of a Stanley Ipkiss? Are you looking to turn yourself into a truly manic superhero? If so this truly smokin' Mask Fancy Dress Costume will bring out your inner self and have you ready to P.A.R.T.Y. in no time. The costume includes a fantastic yellow jacket, the lower inside half of which is lined with a brilliant polka dot material. The jacket also has a pocket on the left breast which has an attached polka dot handkerchief poking out. The white shirt front fastens with Velcro down the front, and ties up around the back. The yellow trousers have a brilliant shape to them, created by a thick waistband, pleats around the waist and slightly elasticated ankles. They billow out at the top and become narrower towards the bottom. The waist is half elasticated to ensure a comfortable fit. The matching yellow hat features a black ribbon and feather for decoration, and the structure is held in place by wire. The costume is completed by an elasticated patterned polka dot tie, which is very comfortable and easy to wear. Just add green face paint to complete the look. And just think what fun you'll have at a party with a massive repertoire of Mask oneliners to break the ice - Our love is like a red, red rose, and I am a little thorny. . . SSSSSSmokin' . . . Ooh, somebody stop me! more

Evil Maleficent Fancy Dress CostumeBe magnificently evil in this Maleficant fancy dress costume

Never scorn a woman. Never forget to invite her to an event. And never, never tell her she wasn't wanted when she does turn up unexpectedly. Don't believe me? Well just remember the havoc wreaked by evil Maleficent after she gatecrashed Sleeping Beauty's christening. If you're less sugar and more spice, then you'll enjoy playing the ultimate in all of the Disney baddies in this magnificent, malevolent Maleficant Fancy Dress Costume. The outfit comprises of a black gown trimmed in purple with an attached stand-up collar. Also included is Maleficent's distinctive devil horned headpiece which fastens under the chin. This officially licensed Disney product is available in three sizes - small (8-10), medium (12-14) and large (16-18) and costs £53.99 online. Just add green makeup to transform yourself into the sinister anatagonist with the gothic fashion sense from the classic Disney movie, Sleeping Beauty. more

Peppa Pig fancy dress costumes for toddlers
Peppa Pig Fancy Dress Costumes For Toddlers
Every toddler knows the popular Channel 5 cartoon character, Peppa Pig and if you're looking for a pair of fancy dress costumes for siblings / twins that are simple, inexpensive and instantly recognisable then look no further. All the other toddlers at the party (and their mums) will be green with envy!! Little girls will love this Child Peppa Pig Costume which includes a red top with a blue and pink Peppa Pig logo printed on the front and an attached pig hood with a stuffed snout which fastens under the chin with velcro. The finishing touch for this costume is a yellow teddy bear accessory that can be removed from the pocket. The Child George Pig Costume is perfect for fans of Peppa Pig's younger brother! The outfit includes a white and blue striped top with an attached pink hood and stuffed snout. Also included is a black pirate hat with white skull and crossbones on the front and a black eye patch. Both costumes are one size only costumes suitable for children 2-4 years of age and cost just £11.99 online. more

Noddy Holder  Fancy Dress CostumeGo wild wild wild in a Noddy Holder fancy dress costume

Got a 70's fancy dress party coming up? Then how about unleashing your inner rocker with the Noddy Holder Fancy Dress Costume. This fantastic outfit captures Noddy's 70s style perfectly with its bright colours and of course, the mirrored top hat - probably one of the most famous pieces of headwear associated with an artist. Also included are a pair of black and white checked trousers and a matching waistcoat with an attached bright orange shirt. The black top hat has curly hair attached. This could also be a great Christmas theme costume as who could forget the classic Slade anthem, Merry Xmas Everybody. You can shout "IT'S CHRISTMAS" to your heart's content. The costume is available in two sizes (standard / up to chest size 41" and extra large / up to chest size 47"). The costume was £34.49 but has just been reduced to £30.99 online and the rock guitar is available separately for £4.99. Come on feel the noize! more

Book Day fancy dress costumes from Lazy Town
Lazy Town Fancy Dress Costumes For Book Day
Promote Book Day AND healthy living with these fabulous Lazy Town Fancy Dress Costumes. For boys, there are two Lazy town costumes - ideal for twin boys or best friends. They can choose to be super healthy hero Sportacus or go to the dark side and be junk food eating, exercise hating Robbie Rotten. The Kids Sportacus Costume includes a pair of blue trousers, a matching top with '10' printed on the front, a pair of arm cuffs and a hat with attached fake goggles. Price £24.49. The Robbie Rotten Costume includes a purple, maroon and white striped jumpsuit and a fabulous rubber top wig with forehead, eyebrows and rubber hair. Price £22.99. And for girls the Child Stephanie Lazy Town Costume includes a pink and purple striped dress, a pink bag and a pair of pink leg warmers. Price £16.99. The pink wig with headband is available separately for £6.99. All three costumes are available in three sizes (age 3-4, age 4-6 and age7-9) and would be a great trio of costumes for friends / siblings or brilliant outfits on their own too. more

Search and find some Where's Wally fancy dress costumes for Book Day?
Kids Wheres Wally Fancy Dress Costumes For Book Day
World Book Day is on the March but don't strain your eyes looking for costumes because we've found you these Boy / Girl Where's Wally Outfits from the much loved search and find Where's Wally books which will be just perfect. The outfits are available as a pair which would be perfect for twins (£5 saving when bought together) - or available separately. The Child Where's Wally Costume includes a long sleeved, red and white stripey top, blue trousers with an elasticated waist band for a comfortable fit, a matching bobble hat and a pair of black glasses with round frames. The Where's Wally Girl Costume is based on Wilma, Wally's girlfriend and twin sister of Wenda. It includes a long sleeved red and white stripey top, blue skirt with double hem stitching and a half-elasticated waist band, a matching pair of red and white striped tights, a bobble hat and the finishing touch is a pair of black glasses with round frames. more

Candy Queen Katy Perry Fancy Dress Costume Become a sweet Californian Gurl, in this Katy Perry inspired fancy dress costume

Become a California Gurl in this scrumptious Candy Queen Costume! This costume really is a Teenage Dream as it's available in three sizes online - small (8-10), medium (12-14) and extra small (dress size 4-6) which is ideal for teenage girls. As colourful as a Firework, the Candy Queen Costume includes a cute pink boob tube dress (a pair of clear straps is included if needed), with a layered purple, yellow, green and pink skirt. The latex 3D bodice is both Hot n Cold - moulded with delicious looking ice-creams, lollipops, cup cakes and hundreds and thousands to create a truly scrumptious look. You will look as sweet as candy in this unique dress which is available online for £29.99. To complete the look, jazz the costume up with the Purple Katy Perry Wig which is available separately for £4.99. more

Grease Danny  and Sandy CostumesSandy! Tell me about it stud!
Danny and Sandy last scene Grease costumes

You'll be the ones that everyone wants in this fabulous Danny and Sandy Grease Combo Fancy Dress Costume. Perfect for a couple, this pair of officially licensed costumes would be great for a movie theme party. The power you're supplyin' will be electrifyin' in the iconic, sexy Grease last scene Sandy costume which includes a pair of black trousers, a coordinating black off-the-shoulder top and a black belt with metallic buckle detail. It fits dress size 8-10, and for those without a Frenchie to help with their hair, the quality Sandy wig is available separately. "You'd better shape up" in the Grease last scene Danny costume which comprises of a pair of black trousers and a black top (fits chest size 38" to 40", waist 30" to 38"). A Danny wig is available separately for those without enough hair to complete the pictured look. This Grease costume combo costs £57.99 online for both outfits. more

Book Day fancy dress costumes for kids
Book Day Fancy Dress Costumes
Looking for Book Day Costumes that will allow your kids to transform themselves into a character they love? Look no further as we have a great selection of Childrens Book Day Costumes. For boys, there's a massive choice - from Harry Potter to fearsome pirates, from Where's Wally to dashing knights, but here at Fancy Dress Clothes, we have a bit of a soft spot for this Horrid Henry Fancy Dress Costume. This fantastic outfit is perfect for a mischievous little boy and includes a pair of blue trousers, a long-sleeved blue and yellow top with the Horrid Henry logo printed on the front and a Horrid Henry mask with a mischievous grin on its face. This costume is available in two different sizes - medium (age 5-6) and large (age 7-8) and costs £19.99 online. For the ultimate in book themed costumes - the Very Hungry Caterpillar Fancy Dress Costume is a unisex outfit which has been designed to capture the look of the caterpillar perfectly. The costume comprises of a stripey green bodysuit with a picture of the Hungry Caterpillar printed on the front and brown 'legs' down the sides of the outfit and a red hood with a velcro fastening around the chin, purple antennae at the top, along with colourful eyes and a blue nose. This costume is available in two different sizes - toddler (age 2-3) and small (age 3-4) and costs £17.99 online. more

Give your fancy dress party ideas the red carpet treatment

Film Theme Fancy Dress Costume With the Oscars less than a month away, what better for a fancy dress party than theming it on the greatest films of all time. Tomb Raider was the film that propelled Angelina Jolie to superstardom and it can do the same for you too in this Lara Croft Fancy Dress Costume which includes top, shorts, belt with leg loops and holsters, backpack, gloves, boot covers and grenade. Or perhaps you'll be less at sea with a Pirates of the Caribbean theme. The On Stranger Tides Jack Sparrow Outfit includes a beige coloured shirt with an attached waistcoat and belts, a pair of brown trousers with boot tops and a maroon coloured bandana with attached brown hair and beads. You don't have to be a certain character either. This Centurian Fancy Dress Costume made up of a tunic, body armor with attached cape and a shoulder guard, a helmet and wrist and shin guards is just one of a number of outfits ideal for depicting any number of films featuring Romans including Gladiator, Spartacus or Ben Hur. If you're looking for a costume for you and a partner, then why not become the iconic Halloween couple, Gomez and Morticia Addams. His costume is a black and purple striped jacket and trousers, with red inset shirt and black bow tie and she has a black dress with lace cobweb design sleeves. These items are officially licensed products and would be perfect for not just a film theme but also any Halloween party too. When you slip the Indiana Jones costume on you can almost hear the theme music from the films. This officially licensed deluxe costume consists of a jacket, a hat, trousers and a whip. Finally, in homage to The Artist, set to sweep the awards this year, and especially for all fans of black and white films, this King Kong Themed Fancy Dress Costume, is one of those weird and wonderful costumes we adore here at Fancy Dress Clothes.The costume consists of a glossy nightgown trimmed with lace at the top and both the hem of this gown and the shrug have been ripped where this fair maiden has struggled with King Kong. Kongs hand is made of leatherette and plush faux gorilla fur and there are velcro tabs on the thumb and two of the fingers so you can arrange the hand in the grip that is best for you. more

Dalek Fancy Dress Costumes EX-TER-MIN-ATE them all in this Dalek fancy dress costume

Have your friends and family hiding behind cushions in terror as you advance on them menacingly chanting EX-TER-MIN-ATE over and over again. Of course, it would be all the more effective if you're wearing this Doctor Who themed Dalek Fancy Dress Costume.This officially licensed one size costume (fits chest sizes up to 46") comprises of a one-piece sleeveless Dalek costume which is easy to put on and take off as it just slips over the wearers head. There is an attached eye stalk on the head, an exterminating arm and a manipulator and the cylindrical shape of the Dalek costume is created by a plastic hoop which is inserted from the left to the right of the base of the garment. The lower half of the Dalek costume is covered in gold spheres, which Daleks use to sense their surroundings. Available in brown or black, this costume has just been reduced to £36.99 online. more

Angry Birds Fancy Dress CostumeAngry Birds fancy dress costumes for those with an axe to grind

Angry Birds is one of the top grossing mobile phone apps of all time and its unique characters are recognised the world over. You too can now fight the battle against the pigs and get back those eggs by turning yourself into your favourite vindictive feathered friend in this Yellow Angry Bird Fancy Dress Costume. Yellow Bird is triangle in shape and causes massive destruction with his turbo speed. The costume comprises of a yellow slip over bird costume and two pillow pouches. The costume has easy to follow instructions, and you will need two standard size pillows to complete the outfit. Ideal as a maternity fancy dress costume - just blame the hormones for your angry bird behaviour. This one size costume is available online for £25.99. more

Childs Captain Cook Fancy Dress CostumeGet your hooks into a kids Captain Hook fancy dress costume

If you know a little boy who fancies himself as a bit of a baddy and who would enjoy being the object of all the hisses at a pantomime, then he'll love getting to dress up as the archetypal Disney baddie from Peter Pan - the notorious Captain Hook. The officially licensed Child Contemporary Toons Captain Hook Costume includes a long purple jacket, a matching purple waistcoat (with yellow stripes, metallic button detailing and a printed black belt), a pair of trousers and a coordinating white cravat. The pirate costume is completed with a purple hat and a plastic pirate's hook. This Captain Hook Fancy Dress Costume is available in two sizes (age 7-9 and 10-12) and is £18.99 online. He'll just love running around shouting - "I'll get you for this, Pan, if it's the last thing I do!" Just watch out for the crocodile!! more

Child Catcher Fancy Dress Costume From Chitty Chitty Bang BangThere are children here. I can smell them!

"Come and get your lollipops. Ice cream, chocolate . . . all free today. Children where are you ... I know you're here somewhere". Who could forget the evil Child Catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - truly the stuff of nightmares. Now you can scare a brand new generation of kiddiewinkies in this fabulous Childcatcher Fancy Dress Costume. The outfit includes a long black jacket with lace around the cuffs, a pair of black trousers (with an elasticated waistband for comfort and a great fit) and a black top hat with attached black hair. The Adult Kid Catcher will make a brilliant choice for a creepy costume this Halloween. It is available in two sizes (standard /chest size to 42" and extra large / chest size to 46") and is on sale online for £39.49! The upturned, child finding nose isn't included but don't worry if your hooter isn't long enough as this professional looking Long Latex Nose is available separately for £9.99. And don't forget your lollipops! more

"God Gave Rock'n'Roll To You" so glam it up in some rock themed costumes
Glam Fancy Dress Outfits
You too can have some Crazy Crazy Nights in this Demon Kiss Fancy Dress Costume. Perfect for 70's themed parties or 80's fancy dress dos, this Gene Simmons inspired outfit includes a black jumpsuit with printed silver studs, attached boot tops and a black and white mask with the tongue sticking out. It comes in three sizes - medium (chest size 38"-40"), large (40"-42") and extra large (42"-46") and costs £39.98 online. All four Kiss costumes are available as a set (offering a perfect set of 70s themed costumes for you and three mates). You'll get one of each of the following costumes: The Starchild, The Demon (as shown above), The Catman and The Spaceman for £155.99 (a £20 saving on buying them separately). If you'd rather go to the party with your wife / girlfriend, then how about continuing the glam rock theme with this Rock Chick Fancy Dress Costume. This outfit includes a black and silver jumpsuit, a black belt with a silver buckle, a pair of black and silver spangled arm cuffs and silver boot tops. It comes in small (8-10), medium (12-14 ) and large (16-18) sizes. Rock on! more

Let Emu take the blame in the Rod and Emu fancy dress outfit
Rod Hull And Emu Fancy Dress Costume
Today would have been Rod Hull's 80th birthday and to commemorate the day, we bring you the Rod And Emu Fancy Dress Costume, ideal for getting laughs and entertaining your friends. Rod and Emu were huge in the 70's and 80's - who could forget the memorable Michael Parkinson interview where poor Parky ended up on the floor. This costume is perfect for anyone with a bit of a naughty side, as Emu can be as wicked as he likes whilst "Rod" makes a tiny bit of effort to try and control him. Not for us to give you any ideas, but it could be REALLY funny! Available in standard size (suitable for chest size up to 42"), the outfit consists of a blue jacket with faux pockets and matching blue buttons (it fastens with Velcro for ease of removal). The emu is attached to the jacket and forms one of the sleeves. Your hand reaches all the way into the emu's mouth giving you the ability to move its head and neck around and manipulate the beak to peck unsuspecting friends! Emu has a body and head made of a sparkling blue material, ideal for shimmering in the light when you take centre stage! Your hand controls the emu's mouth and even its eyes can move around, giving it more character. So if you're up for a wicked night out, you won't get much better than the Rod and Emu Fancy Dress Costume more

Lara Croft fancy dress costume for teenage girls

Lara Croft Tombraider Fancy Dress Costume For TeenagersGirls! Are you looking for a costume in which you'll feel beautiful, intelligent, and athletic? Do you want to transform yourself into the dream girl of all teenage boys? Then look no further because wearing this Teen Lara Croft Tombraider Fancy Dress Costume you'll be fighting them off a la Lara in no time. The Lara Croft Tomb Raider Legend Costume costs £39.98 online, includes twelve pieces and is an official licensed Eidos line. This teen sized outfit (dress size: 4 - 6) includes Lara's brown coloured crop top with inset blue neckline, co-ordinating brown shorts with elasticated waist also with professional hem finish and the trademark black belt, which fastens around the waist (using hook and clasp fastening) and also around the thigh. The belt has gun holsters and straps to hang the four PVC hand grenades from. Also included are a small and sexy explorer back pack, a pair of realistic looking black faux leather boot covers that are worn over your regular shoes or boots to craft the look of our hero's footwear and a pair of faux leather backed fingerless gloves which complete the costume nicely. Should you not have enough long brown hair to fashion into the iconic Tomb Raider barnet, there is a Lara Croft Wig pre-styled in shining chocolate brown with a loose fringe and thick plaited pony tail (£11.99). After watching Time Team you'd be forgiven for thinking all archaeologists are from a different planet but Lara Croft dispels those theories as she's the sexiest archaeologist we have ever seen! more

Paint the whole world like a Rainbow in these George and Zippy fancy dress outfits
Rainbow Fancy Dress Costumes George And Zippy
The cult children's TV show Rainbow became a classic kids programme - the UK's answer to Sesame Street. Who could forget the constant squabbling of Zippy and Bungle, shy, retiring George being caught in the middle and Geoffrey's attempts to calm them all down and keep the peace! Zippy and George are the two iconic characters from the show so if you and your friend / partner have got a TV themed party coming up, look no further for some easily recognised costumes. The Zippy Fancy Dress Costume is perfect for anyone with a bit of a reputation for being loud and domineering (but very funny and lovable too). The outfit is available in one size (suitable for chest size 38-40") and costs £44.95 online. It includes a yellow bodysuit with the Rainbow logo on the chest, a matching pair of two fingered gloves and a Zippy headpiece with a hole in the mouth to see through. Perhaps you'd rather be George - the shy, pink and (dare we say it) slightly camp hippo. The George Fancy Dress Costume is available in one size (suitable for chest size 38-40"), costs £39.95 online and includes a pink bodysuit with the Rainbow logo on the chest, a matching pair of two fingered gloves and a headpiece with a hole in the mouth to see through. more

Full-Figure Cleopatra Fancy Dress Costume Be the Queen of the Nile in this Cleopatra fancy dress costume for plus size ladies

Cleopatra was the last pharaoh of Ancient Egypt. Famed for her intelligence, immense beauty, her complicated love life and her penchant for keeping dangerous reptiles around the house, she has become a legend. If you are dress size 16-18 or 18-20 and fancy a little of her power then you'll love this sexy Cleopatra Fancy Dress Costume For Plus Size Ladies. The outfit includes a long white dress which has a keyhole slit, a decorative collar and attached drapes. Also included with the Cleopatra costume is a matching gold, orange and blue belt, a pair of gold cuffs and a dramatic headpiece. Dressed like this you'll have all the men enslaved and willing to do your bidding at a glance. The Plus size Cleopatra Fancy Dress Costume is available online for £29.99. more

He's terrific! He's magnific!
He's the greatest secret agent in the world!
Danger Mouse!
Danger Mouse Fancy Dress Costume

Are you the strongest, the quickest and the best? And are you right there ready to pounce whenever there's danger? If you too are amazing, make it official in this Danger Mouse Fancy Dress Costume! Perfect for an eighties themed fancy dress party, you can become this eighties icon with this fantastic official licensed costume based on the 'White Wonder' himself. The Danger Mouse Costume includes a white one-piece jumpsuit with short collar, rear zipper, trademark 'DM' logo on the left breast and attached white shoe covers. The red and yellow Danger Mouse belt fastens using Velcro and will fit up to a 40" waist. Also included is a deluxe overhead mask featuring the trademark black eyepatch and one pair of white gloves with four oversized fingers for that cartoon look. And the best news, this one size costume (suitable for chest size up to 46") has just been reduced from £69.98 to just £29.99 online. Just need to find yourself a Penfold now! more

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