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Looking for a unique and unusual fancy dress costume? Got a group of friends with whom you can have a theme? Then check out these fabulous Halloween Morph Suits - fright night really could be coming to a town near you.

Morphsuits® have become a must have item for festivals, stag nights and what ever else your imagination can cope with, and now they've brought out a range of Halloween suits that are guaranteed to attract attention.

These one piece unisex spandex body suit cover the whole of your body from head to toe. They have a double ended zip that goes from the base of the spine up the back to the top of the head, attached head, feet and gloves and can be worn with shoes. You can see out but others cannot see in, you can breathe through them, and as a bonus party trick, you can even drink through the fabric (water only!). If needed you can easily free your head by un-zipping and pulling the hood forward and if you spill something down it simply chuck it in the washing machine.

Available in four sizes (from 5' to over 6'4" tall) this costume will suit virtually anyone as it's made from stretchy lycra.

The official Shot Morphsuit is a white suit with shot design detailing to the head and chest. Add additional fake blood for extra impact.

The official Spooky Skeleton Morph Suit would make an ideal Halloween costume - just imagine the terror on their faces as what looks like a real skeleton approaches them in the dark! This costume comprises of a head to toe black stretchy lycra body suit with printed white bones

The official Creepy Halloween Pumpkin Morphsuit features a scary pumpkin face and orange colouring with vines, spider webs and rope detailing for added effect.

For the suave, sophisticate in your group, how about the official Count Dracula Morphsuit. All girls love Twilight, so you should do well wearing this outfit! Add fake blood to enhance your Halloween look.

And for those who love the macabre and gruesome, the official Frankenstein's Monster Morphsuit makes a perfect Halloween costume. It features a monster face, muscle tissue, guts and stitching print details for extra gruesome effect.

Morphsuits make ideal Halloween Costumes. Look out for the Zombie Morphsuit and Mummy Morphsuit which are coming soon!

Price £38.99

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