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Stag night fancy dress costume that's likely to give you a Hangover
Hangover Fancy Dress Costume
Looking for a great stag night costume that's guaranteed to result in a memorable night? Then you'll love this fancy dress outfit with a film theme.

There's no doubt the drinks will flow but just be careful not to drink too much - you don't want a "Hangover" and you certainly want to remember what happened the next day!

The outfit includes a grey t-shirt printed with a human tree design and a setting sun, a brown wig, a matching bushy beard and a pair of black sunglasses. The piece de la resistance of this ensemble is the beanie toting baby with printed sunglasses on its face which is sat in a black baby carrier.

The costume is available in two sizes (standard / up to chest size 41" and extra large / up to chest size 47") and costs £29.99 online.

And if you want to go the whole hog, just lose a friend and create your very own nerdy hillbilly by knocking out another ones front tooth! more


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