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Check out face masks for effective, cheap and easy fancy dress looks
Masks To Complete Fancy Dress Costume
Sometimes a mask can really complete a costume and there are plenty great masks to choose from. Ideal for those with a specific goal in mind or those that are simply a little shy, whatever the costume, event or special occasion there's a party mask to fit.

There are the fine rubber and latex masks with an intricate finish that are made for a comfortable fit . These face masks can transform you into the animal, celebrity or character of your choice. How else could you look like Statler from the Muppets or Colonel Gaddafi?

There's also a great range of exquisite Venetian masks. These masquerade masks are ideal for those who are attending a themed ball and add a touch of glamour to an occasion.

Prices range from around the £2 mark all the way up to around £100 for a collectors edition mask. But remember, in a lot of cases, the mask is all you'll need for the look so it can work out incredibly cost effective.

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Fancy Dress Masks
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