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A mummy fancy dress costume that doesn't involve using a family pack of loo roll
Mummy Fancy Dress Costume Morphsuit
Remember the good old days when dressing up as a mummy meant looking like an Andrex puppy! Or if you did have real bandages, they would quickly sag until they ended up bunched around your ankles.

If you do want to be a mummy this Halloween, make life easy with this Mummy Morphsuit Fancy Dress Costume which comprises of a head to toe stretchy lycra body suit. Printed with a bandage design, there's no need to raid your cupboards or stand still for hours. And you'll look just as good at the end of the night too.

The face is completely covered but the material allows you to see out (others cannot see in), breathe through it, and as a bonus party trick, you can even drink through the fabric (water only!)

This all-in-one costume is washable and is available in four different sizes - medium (5' 4" and under), large (5' 4" - 5' 10"), extra large (5'10" - 6'3") and XXL (over 6'3"). Online price £39.99. more

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