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Lara Croft fancy dress costume for teenagers

Lara Croft Tombraider Fancy Dress Costume For TeenagersGirls! Are you looking for a costume in which you'll feel beautiful, intelligent, and athletic? Do you want to transform yourself into the dream girl of all teenage boys?

Then look no further because wearing this Teen Sized Lara Croft Tomb Raider Fancy Dress Costume you'll be fighting them off a la Lara in no time.

It costs £39.98 online and is an official licensed Eidos line.

This teen sized outfit (dress size: 4 - 6) includes:

Lara's brown coloured crop top with inset blue neckline with professional hem finish
Co-ordinating brown shorts with elasticated waist also with professional hem finish
The trademark black belt, which fastens around the waist (using hook and clasp fastening) and also around the thigh
The belt has gun holsters and straps to hang the four PVC hand grenades from
A small and sexy explorer back pack
A pair of realistic looking black faux leather boot covers that are worn over your regular shoes or boots to craft the look of our hero's footwear
A pair of faux leather backed fingerless gloves which complete the costume nicely.

Should you not have enough long brown hair to fashion into the iconic Tomb Raider barnet, there is a Lara Croft Wig pre-styled in shining chocolate brown with a loose fringe and thick plaited pony tail (£8.99).

After watching Time Team you'd be forgiven for thinking all archaeologists are from a different planet but Lara Croft dispels those theories as she's the sexiest archaeologist we have ever seen!

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